PushSquare's Playstation Pick Of The Week: Final Fantasy XIII.

Game-a-geddon is in full swing and no sooner are we done with one game, than we have to move on and get to work on another. Still, at least you're not going to be bored this month, as not only is there lots to talk about, there's lots to play. So let's get started with what's releasing this week.

PushSquare's Playstation Pick Of The Week: Final Fantasy XIII [US/EU]

Is it flawed? Absolutely: Final Fantasy XIII takes far too long to get going and when it finally does gather steam, it's hard to pick up the enthusiasm to keep playing. Still, it boasts a fantastic universe, some interesting characters and stunning CGI cut-scenes. Oh, and the battle system is pretty nifty too.


Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition launches in the US, which is well worth a look if you're yet to play Capcom's next-gen horror shooter. SEGA release Yakuza 3 on the West at last in both Europe and the USA (please buy it, someone has to). On the PSN, Mega Man 10 is due a release in the ol' USA - get ready to throw you controller at the wall.

Whadda're Ya' Buyin'?