Tell Us What You Intend To Get Up To Dressed As AvP's Cast & We Might Let You Have The Costumes For Free.

A typical day in Sony's virtual world will offer some extraordinary sights. Boys dressed as girls. Weird snowmen doing the robot in their underwear. People actually playing chess. If Lewis Carroll dreamt it all up, we reckon he'd be pretty proud.

So when we heard Aliens vs Predator was coming to Playstation Home, we instantly figured the terrifying duo would fit right in with the rest of the unhinged folk patroling Sony's wonderland.

Courtesy of SEGA and PlayReplay we've for a whole set of Alien vs Predator costumes to give away — that includes the entire get-up for each of AvP's three species - the marine, the alien, and the predator. They're really detailed costumes that would set you back over £10 if you were to buy them.

All we want to know is: What do you intend to get up to in Home dressed as an Alien, Predator or Marine? Be creative (and preferably funny) and submit your answer via the form after the jump. We'll publish the winning entry on the site.

You've got until Friday 26th March, 17:00GMT to answer. The competition's closed folks. Thanks to everyone who entered.