Matt Hazard's Kicking Some Butt In His Latest PSN Title.

Sure, the actual game became an irony of its own humour, but that's something its developers are keen to point out themselves.

Vicious Cycle Software's president Eric Peterson describes The Return Of Matt Hazard on the Playstation Blog as a "2009 blockbuster next-gen hit," then closes the article by explaining that, yo, it wasn't a blockbuster at all. But it did come out in 2009. We can't argue Eric.

The reason we're even talking about Matt Hazard is because the latest game in the Matt Hazard franchise Blood Bath and Beyond is due on the PSN this week. It's a 2D shooter paying homage to some of Matt Hazard's "older," non-next gen titles.

If they get the humour right, and balance in some decent gameplay, this could be decent.