Some Of You Lucky Folks Should Have Access To The MAG Beta Soon.

It's headed with the words "MAG" and ends with "Public Beta". Check your emails. We'll wait.

Ok, so we're assuming those of you that got that email probably won't be paying much attention to the rest of this post. For those of you that moped back from your inbox limp and disappointed, know that Sony have started enrolling for the public beta of MAG. Apparently they will be adding people "in waves" so don't worry if you didn't get in this time. "If you do not receive an invite for the first wave you may still be invited in a following MAG Public Beta wave."

Of course all this means that Zipper Interactive are presumably gearing up for a release at some point. It'll just be interesting to see when. Out of all the games to go up against Modern Warfare 2, MAG will probably end up in the worst predicament. But then, Sony are probably one of the few publishers ballsy enough to take that risk.

We just don't where to stand with this one.