While the XBOX 360 sold more copies of Street Fighter IV, Prince Of Persia and Grand Theft Auto IV, Sony claim that the attach rate was higher on PS3. In fact, when it came to Street Fighter IV, Sony posted an impressive 5.5% game-to-console ratio, with the XBOX 360 sitting at just 3.1%.

This could mean a number of things, presumably that Playstation 3 owners are more savvy to the kind of content around them, and the software that is doing well critically.

Sony also went on to suggest that a higher portion of the Playstation 3 library scores above 80 on review aggregate site, Metacritic. The Playstation had 31% of its software rated highly, compared to just 21% on XBOX 360.

Of course, all of this is simply number-spinning, but alas, it does paint a slightly more positive picture for Sony.