Noby Noby Boy - Crazy But Fun.

The paragraphs that stuck out as "repostable news" are reposted as news below.

Speaking of the upcoming iPhone version of Noby Noby Boy, Takahashi says:
"We used too much time and money to develop Noby Noby Boy, and there won't be any major updates in the future. However, I am trying to use the iPhone version in order to get more money from our top executives in order to keep updating the PS3 version."

He hopes that the iPhone and PS3 versions will help GIRL grow faster, but Takahashi doesn't think he made her progress too slow. He told Eurogamer, "I don't think it is right to put an ending just for the sake of it. I believe that it is alright to create a stupid and irresponsible game, I really do."</blockquote>

Going by the current rate of GIRLS growth, we still don't reckon we'll ever see Mars.