Vampyr: Chapter 5 - All Collectibles and Weapon Locations 1

Where do you find all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 5 of Vampyr? In this section, we continue our search for blood. There are 3 collectibles and 2 weapons to discover. As part of our Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal the locations of all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 5, in the order that you'll find them.

Weapon #1: Good Double-Barrelled

In the north end of the West-End district, head to the first floor of the Temple Covered Market. Teleport to the first floor and enter the Wakefield Chocolate shop. The Good Double-Barrelled will be on your immediate right as soon as you enter.

Collectible #1: Species of Vampires: The Violence of Vulkods

This Collectible (See Also: Vampyr: All Collectibles Locations) is automatically obtained after defeating Leon Augustin. You can't miss it.

Weapon #2: Common Axe

After the Leon Augustin boss fight, enter the Temple Sewers from the west end. Follow the pathway down and teleport across to a metal walkway at the first opportunity. To your right will be the Common Axe (See Also: Vampyr: All Melee Weapons Locations). This is the same room where you must lower the water.

Collectible #2: The Great Hunt: The Crime of Lost Knowledge

Underneath Aloysius Dawson's mansion is a citizen named Usher. Directly in front of him is this Collectible.

Collectible #3: The Legendary Vampires: The Vampire Knight

During your second visit to the Finsbury Theatre, head to the stage area in the back and take the door on your left. Go down to the basement, head through the door in front of you and follow the path around until you come across another room directly on your right. It's easy to miss the entrance so keep your eye out, but in there will be this Collectible.

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