Vampyr: Chapter 4 - All Collectibles and Weapon Locations 1

Where do you find all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 4 of Vampyr? In this section, we continue our search for blood. There are 6 collectibles and 3 weapons to discover. As part of our Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal the locations of all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 4, in the order that you'll find them.

Collectible #1: The Great Hunt: The Blood Night Tragedy

After a discussion with Ashbury at Ashbury's Mansion, you will start the chapter just outside of it. Head straight back inside, go to the first floor, and enter the first room you come across. The Collectible (See Also: Vampyr: All Collectibles Locations) will be in the back-left corner.

Collectible #2: The Origin of Vampires: The Heresy of the Pure Blood

In the West End near Reid's Mansion will be Kimura Tadao's house. Enter and this Collectible will be on a table in the back-left corner, accompanied by two wine glasses.

Weapon #1: Good Dagger

Enter the Ascalon Club and go to the first floor. On the left-hand side will be the Good Dagger in-between a plant and set of candles.

Collectible #3: The Story of Ascalon: History and Purpose of the Ascalon Club

Once again in the Ascalon Club, head to the ground floor and from the entrance door, head through to the room on your right. This Collectible will be directly in front of you on the desk.

Collectible #4: The Need for Blood: Of the Recreational Use of Blood

For the final Collectible in the Ascalon Club, once again head to the first floor and take a right this time. Enter the first room you come across and in the left corner will be the key to the basement. Return to the room where you found Collectible #3 and unlock the door on the far side of the room. Go down into the basement and this Collectible will be on your right next to a lamp.

Weapon #2: Remarkable Pump-Action Shotgun

When you're in the West End, head to the east side of the courtyard and enter the door with lettering above it that reads "Enter at your own risk". In the dining room to your right will be the Remarkable Pump-Action Shotgun.

Collectible #5: The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole: The Lost Library

After visiting the Ascalon Club, head east and go to Venus Crossley's house. It's the grand house with the blue door. Head upstairs and into the bedroom, and the Collectible will be inside a drawer next to the bed.

Collectible #6: The Skals: The Ichor’s Threat

Head behind the Whitechapel Theatre to the market area with green stalls. The Collectible can be picked up off a corpse.

Weapon #3: Remarkable Saber

You'll get the Remarkable Saber (See Also: Vampyr: All Melee Weapons Locations) automatically for beating Doris Fletcher. This one is unmissable.

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