How do you get the Skunk Gun in The Callisto Protocol? One of many unlockable weapons in the game, the Skunk Gun is well worth adding to your arsenal. In this The Callisto Protocol guide, we're going to reveal how to get the Skunk Gun.

The Callisto Protocol: How to Get the Skunk Gun

The Callisto Protocol: How to Get the Skunk Gun 1
Image: Push Square

You will begin working your way to unlocking the Skunk Gun in chapter three: Aftermath. When Jacob falls down a long elevator shaft as part of a cutscene (the one where he fails to make the lift stop), you'll happen upon a new area. At the end of it will be an encounter with four enemies, which will likely prove difficult. Once they're dead, pick the Gate Fuse up off the corpse but don't use it on the nearby door.

Instead, retrace your steps back to the starting area near the elevator and you'll find another console to insert the Gate Fuse into. It's the one next to the gate labelled D3 Basement Storage. Head on through and crawl through the vent. On the other side will be the Skunk Gun Schematic.

Pick it up, but be warned: it will take up a slot in your inventory. At the next Reforge station you find, upload the Skunk Gun Schematic. Doing so unlocks the Skunkworks Shotgun for purchase at a price of 800 Callisto Credits.

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