Looking for where to find Rashid in World Tour in Street Fighter 6? The Turbulent Wind has arrived as a new DLC character in Capcom's critically acclaimed fighter, but you won't need to purchase him to enrol as his student in the game's single player campaign. You will, however, need to track him down. On this page, as part of our Street Fighter 6 guide, we're going to explain where to find Rashid in World Tour.

Street Fighter 6: Where to Find Rashid in World Tour

In order to find Rashid in World Tour, you'll first need to travel to Old Nayshall. If you search to the right of the Hangout area during night time, you'll spot Azam hanging around, who begins a new Mission named In Search of Talent. Speak to him to begin the quest.

Then travel to the Commerce Plaza in The Lowlands and head up the hill. A cutscene will trigger once you're halfway up, introducing you to Rashid. You'll eventually have to head back to near your Hangout, where you spoke to Azam, and you'll have to fight and beat the Turbulent Wind. This completes the In Search of Talent quest.

From this point onwards, you'll find Rashid waiting around with his video camera near Old Nayshall Station during the daytime. Speak to him to Enrol, which will allow you to learn his moves and fighting style. The Best Gifts for him are the Sushi Flash Drive and Used Storage Disc.

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