Splitgate: What Are the Server Queue Times? Guide 1

What are the Splitgate server queue times? The new multiplayer FPS from developer 1047 Games has proven incredibly popular upon its console release, meaning server queues have to be set up so that those wanting to get in can wait for a free space. The problem is that the game doesn't actually tell you how long you need to wait. In this Splitgate guide, we are going to reveal how to find out the server queue times.

Splitgate: What Are the Server Queue Times?

Update (7th August 2021, 01:00 BST): The Splitgate Discord server currently estimates a wait time of five minutes. For more information, please carry on reading.

Since Splitgate doesn't tell you its server queue times in-game, you will need to head on over to the Splitgate Discord to find out the current server queue times. Click the link above to head straight to a search for the correct Discord server.

Once you're in, look to the column on the left for a number of options. At the top should be listed the current Splitgate server queue time. Remember this is more of an estimate rather than an accurate reading of the current server load, so you may be able to play sooner. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a little longer too. In our experience, we've had to wait in the queue for roughly an hour during peak times. It can be as little as 10 to 15 minutes during quieter periods, however.

1047 Games is planning on increasing its server capacity in the future, so this is more of a teething problem related to how popular Splitgate currently is. As the full release on consoles draws closer, you shouldn't encounter these server queue times so much.

Splitgate: Are the Servers Online?

Periodically, developer 1047 Games has to take the Splitgate servers offline for maintenance. If you're having trouble connecting to the game, refer to the Splitgate Status Twitter account for more information.

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