Resident Evil 2 All Inventory Slot Upgrade and Hip Pouch Locations Guide 1

How do you upgrade your inventory in Resident Evil 2? And where is every Hip Pouch located in the game? Inventory management is a major component of RE2, and so having more slots for items is a huge benefit. Here's where you can find every Hip Pouch in the game, and in doing so, expand your inventory by a further 12 slots.

How Do You Upgrade and Extend Your Inventory in Resident Evil 2?

In order to upgrade or extend your inventory in Resident Evil 2, you need to collect Hip Pouch items, which are located around the Raccoon Police Department. Each individual Hip Pouch increases your inventory by two slots, and there are a total of six to find, allowing you to increase your inventory by 12 slots.

All Inventory Slot Upgrade Locations in Resident Evil 2

Here's where you can find every Hip Pouch in Resident Evil 2 in order to fully upgrade your inventory.

Hip Pouch Location Walkthrough
1 Police Station, 3F, West Storage Room On a table just opposite of the barricade you destory with the Detonator.
2 Police Station, 1F, Safety Deposit Room In one of the locked compartments. You'll need both Spare Keys in order to unlock.
3 Police Station, 1F, Operations Room In a Safe in the private office. The solution is left 9, right 15, and left 7.
4 Underground Facility, Operator's Room In a locker by the save point.
5 Sewers (Upper), Workroom Use the T-Bar Handle on the valve in the Lower Waterway to open up a passage that leads to the Workroom Lift. Take it up and you'll find the penultimate Hip Pouch on a table.
6 Laboratory, Nap Room After using the Signal Modulator to turn on the power in the room, the Hip Pouch can be found on one of the beds.