What are all Mr Raccoon locations in Resident Evil 2? These pesky vermin are hidden all around the Raccoon Police Department, and make a noise when nearby. You need to shoot them in order to collect them. There are a total of 15 Mr Raccoons in the game, and you’ll need to play as both Leon and Claire in order to get them all.

Destroying one Mr. Raccoon will unlock the Vermin Extermination Trophy, while finding all Mr Raccoon locations will unlock the Complete Vermin Extermination Trophy. In this Resident Evil 2 guide, we're going to reveal all Mr Raccoon Locations.

Resident Evil 2: All Mr Raccoon Locations

How to Destroy All Mr. Raccoon Locations Resident Evil 2 Remake Guide 1

Listed below are all Mr Raccoon Locations in the order you'll find them in the game.

Mr. Raccoon Character Location Description
1 Leon 1F
West Office
At the top of the room, in the dark, on a shelf.
2 Leon 1F
Break Room
Behind a briefcase next to the bed.
3 Leon 2F
S.T.A.R.S Office
Hidden in the south-eastern corner of the room, between a box and monitor.
4 Leon 2F
Corridor next to the Art Room
You'll find this one shortly after using the Square Crank to open the door near to the Art Room.
5 Leon 3F
Corridor next to Clock Tower
Go through the door west of the Clock Tower and follow the corridor to find Mr. Raccoon in the window.
6 Leon B1
Firing Range
Beneath a shooting target.
7 Leon Sewer Entrance Don't go up the ladder after beating the boss.
8 Leon Sewers (Lower)
Supplies Storage Room
In the hallway just before you enter the Supplies Storage Room.
9 Leon Ada Wong Sequence
Incinerator Room
Next to the incinerator door.
10 Leon Laboratory
Next to the ladder, on a table.
11 Leon Laboratory B1
Nap Room
Turn on the power using the Signal Modulator
12 Claire 3F
East Storage Room
Through the door with the Red Heart key lock.
13 Claire Basketball Court Inside the bus after the basketball court with all the dogs. Behind the Raccoon Police Department.
14 Claire Orphanage
In the nursery on the second floor, on a shelf directly opposite the entrance.
15 Leon (B-Story) 1F
In the bushes near to the very beginning.

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