How can you get PS5 pre-orders notifications the moment Sony’s next-gen system receives new stock allocations? Sitting around refreshing retailer websites is not practical and not convenient, so you may be looking for a solution that will ensure you’re notified the moment new PlayStation 5 consoles are available to purchase. Considering we don’t know when retailers will go live with a fresh batch of PS5 pre-orders, here’s a simple solution that will ensure you have the best opportunity to cop one of the hotly anticipated consoles at launch. For more information, check out our PS5 guide.

How to Get PS5 Pre-Orders Notifications

In order to get PS5 pre-order notifications when retailers restock on PlayStation 5 consoles, you’re going to want to install a browser add-on for Google Chrome named Distill Web Monitor. You'll find the app in the Chrome Web Store, but you can also learn more at

How to Get PS5 Pre-Order Notifications Guide 2

Once you've installed the browser extension, create an account and login. You'll next want to find the PS5 pre-order pages at some of your favourite retailers. You can find a full list through the link: PS5 Pre-Orders: Where to Buy PlayStation 5.

How to Get PS5 Pre-Order Notifications Guide 3

Using the Distill Web Monitor browser extension, you effectively want to scan the page to check for any changes on a regular basis. You can either check the page in its entirety, or specific parts – for example, where it says 'Out of Stock' or 'Currently Unavailable'.

How to Get PS5 Pre-Order Notifications Guide 4

Once you've done that, you can set the frequency of the checks. For example, you may want to check the page every few minutes – or perhaps even every five seconds. You can choose whether you want your device to refresh the page, or Distill's servers. Keep in mind that if you select your own computer then you will have to ensure that it's turned on and that Google Chrome is loaded for this to work effectively. Alternatively, if you use Distill's servers then there's a fee attached to regular checks, with five minute intervals costing up to $35 per month. If you do pay, then you'll also receive phone and SMS notifications, which may be convenient.

How to Get PS5 Pre-Order Notifications Guide 5

You can also set the style of notifications, and whether you'd like to enable audio notifications and pop-ups. These will alert you when any changes are made to the pages you're monitoring. The theory is that the product listing will need to update the moment PS5 pre-orders are available to purchase again, and you'll be able to respond by getting the heads-up and rapidly adding the product to your basket.

Have you turned on PS5 pre-order notifications? Have you managed to pre-order a PlayStation 5 yet? Check out our PS5 guide, and let us know in the comments section below.