The Second Verse is a Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West issued by Zo in The Base after completing Cradle of Echoes. You'll likely discover it during The Sea of Sands. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about The Second Verse.

The Second Verse: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: The Second Verse Guide 1
You can pick up The Second Verse by speaking to Zo in The Base and asking her about the land-gods.
Type Description Recommended Level
Side Quest Zo seeks to heal the Utaru's ailing land-gods and bring life back to Plainsong's fields. But she needs Aloy's help to do it. 25
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The Second Verse: Walkthrough

In order to get started with this side quest, you'll need to travel to a campfire west of Scalding Spear, where two Grimhorns have been spotted. Call Zo and she'll join you, but come prepared because there are also Bellowbacks in the area, and this is a challenging fight. Your best bet is to detach the Grimhorn Cluster Launchers attached to the Grimhorn's shoulders, then focus fire these on weak points in order to do devastating damage. Loot the Grimhorn Control Cores and then travel back to The Base for an update from Zo. She'll tell you that you need to wait for the Reboot Code to complete, effectively putting the side quest on hold.

Once you've reached Faro's Tomb, the Reboot Code will be complete. You'll need to distribute it to four land-gods. Ti is south of Plainsong, and you'll have to deal with Ravagers and Stormbirds in the area before installing the code. So is in a lake, southwest of Plainsong. Dive in and avoid the Snapmaws, then pry apart the rubble with your spear and install the code. The final land-god, Do, is west of Restless Weald. Open the Metal Flowers by slashing them and then use the Vine Cutter to remove blockages. You can clear a path up the cliff to free the land-god and then install the Reboot Code. Return to Zo east of Plainsong to complete the side quest.

Zo: Where Is She After Completing All Main Quests?

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After completing Singularity, you'll no longer find Zo in The Base. In order to complete The Second Verse, you can find her at Plainsong, near to where you met the Chorus during The Dying Lands.

Objective Log

  • Go to the Meeting Place
  • Call Zo at the Campfire
  • Talk to Zo at the Best
  • Wait for Zo to Complete the Reboot Code
  • Talk to Zo
  • Go to the Shrine at the Canyon
  • Go to the Shrine at the Lake
  • Go to the Shrine at the Cinnabar Sands

The Second Verse: Rewards

  • 8,330 XP
  • 3 Skill Points
  • 1 Utaru Birthsinger

The Second Verse: Notes

Finishing The Second Verse side quest unlocks the Healed the Land-gods Trophy. If you return to Plainsong at a later date, Aloy will call Zo and chat about the changes to the city since the land-gods were fixed.

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