The Voyage Continues is a Trailblaze Mission in Honkai: Star Rail which is part of the Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow quest line. As part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about The Voyage Continues.

Honkai: Star Rail: The Voyage Continues

Honkai: Star Rail: The Voyage Continues 1
Image: Push Square
Type Location Description
Trailblaze Mission
Herta Space Station
These words resurface in your mind once more. "When you have a chance to make a choice, make one that you know you won't regret." You haven't made up your mind yet, or could it be that you have. However, you're just not sure if anyone else shares your point of view... It's alright. You can hide it deep in your heart and listen to what others think... Is it possible that you all think the same?

Objective Log

  • Complete Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta
  • Leave Herta's Office
  • Find someone to talk to and tell Himeko your decision
  • Look around the Parlor Car
  • Visit Dan Heng's room
  • Speak to Dan Heng
  • Use the Express Data Bank
  • Leave Dan Heng's room
  • Return to the Parlor Car
  • Listen to the conductor's instructions
  • Wait for the jump

Enemies Encountered

  • None



The Voyage Continues will unlock the Interastral Guide and Operation Briefings.

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