Looking for how to complete Daily Training in Honkai: Star Rail? Daily Training is a system in HoYoverse's hit turnbased RPG that rewards you with crucial resources, like Trailblaze EXP and Stellar Jade, for interacting with the game everyday. On this page, as part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to explain how to complete Daily Training.

How Do You Complete Daily Training in Honkai: Star Rail?

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If you want to maximise your progress in Honkai: Star Rail, specifically your income of Stellar Jade for Star Rail Passes and Star Rail Special Passes, then you'll want to interact with Daily Training every 24 hours. It's important to note that this system is not available from the start of your intergalactic adventure, and you'll have to make some progress before you can access it as part of the Interastral Guide. Below we've listed everything you need to know about how to complete Daily Training.

How to Unlock Daily Training

Daily Training is unlocked in the Interastral Guide upon reaching Belobog's Underworld on Jarilo-IV. You'll need to complete the quest named Hide and Seek before you unlock Daily Training, at which point you'll be onboarded by the game and introduced to the concepts of the system.

How to Access Daily Training

You'll find Daily Training in the Interastral Guide, where Operation Briefings are also located. Daily Training changes everyday, and includes a variety of different tasks and objectives. This will usually include completing your Daily Mission (which can also be found in your quest list), as well as tasks like levelling up a Light Cone, finishing a Calyx, or defeating an enemy in a certain way.

How to Complete Daily Training

Each Daily Training task or activity you complete will reward you with points, and reaching five different points milestones will unlock rewards, including Trailblaze EXP and Stellar Jade. Depending on your designated objectives for the day, you may not have to complete all your Daily Training activities to earn maximum rewards, but this will change on a day-by-day basis. Once you've completed your Daily Training and Daily Mission, you'll need to wait until the following day to do it again.

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