Looking for the best Career Builder business, vehicles, and weapons to pick in GTA Online? GTA 5's multiplayer now includes a revamped onboarding experience called the Career Builder. As part of our GTA Online guide, we're going to make some recommendations on the best Career Builder business, vehicles, and weapons to pick.

GTA Online: Best Career Builder Business to Pick

GTA Online: Best Career Builder Business, Vehicles, and Weapons to Pick Guide 1
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On this page, we're going to make recommendations on the best Career Builder business to pick in GTA Online. Remember that this is your character, and while we'll be making suggestions about the best path to take with How to Make Money Fast in mind, you should select something you'll personally enjoy. Ultimately, you'll be able to unlock all of the businesses in the Career Builder within time, so the decision you make here will merely determine your starting point.

All Career Builder Businesses Explained

The Career Builder will allow you to choose from four different businesses to begin with: Executive Office, Bunker, Motorcycle Club, and Nightclub. While all of these businesses will allow you to complete activities in Los Santos to earn money, some of them are better than other. In order to better illustrate that, we're going to explain all four businesses in more detail.

Executive Career: Office

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The Executive Career will provide you with your very own Office, and is arguably the best Career Builder business to pick. This is because it'll allow you to purchase Warehouses which you can use to sell Vehicle Cargo and Special Cargo, both of which can be extremely profitable, although you will need to be aware of How to Play Solo and Avoid Griefers.

With a Vehicle Warehouse, you'll be able to Source Vehicles from your Office computer, which you'll then need to locate and deliver back to your Vehicle Warehouse. You can then flip these vehicles for a profit. The secret is to fill your Vehicle Warehouse with Standard and Mid Range vehicles, so that the game guarantees future Source Vehicle missions are Top Range vehicles. You'll then be able to flip these to the highest bidder for outrageous profits. For more information, you can learn How to Get Rich with Vehicle Cargo through the link. It should be noted that you can't get a Vehicle Warehouse as part of the Career Builder, so you will have to buy that separately.

With the Executive Career you can also purchase a Backlot or Garage allowing you to run Special Cargo missions. Special Cargo works similarly to Vehicle Cargo, in that you'll need to trigger Crate recovery operations from your Office. You'll store these at your Backlot or Garage, which you can then sell to the highest bidder. You'll attract higher bids if you've got more Special Cargo stored, but do keep in mind that you'll need a friend to help you if you sell more than nine Crates at once. For more information, you can learn How to Get Rich with Special Cargo through the link.

You can find additional reading on the Executive Career on the following pages, but we'd recommend this as a decent starting point, as long as you have the requisite funds to afford a Vehicle Warehouse as well:

Gunrunner Career: Bunker

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The Gunrunner Career will start you out with a Bunker, which is a more complicated business to manage than the Office but can be profitable with the right upgrades. Effectively, you're going to need to ensure you have the Equipment Upgrade and Staff Upgrade which will set you back over GTA$1,500,000. You can get one of the two with the Career Builder, but you'll obviously have to pod out for the other.

If you do go ahead with Gunrunning, then you're going to spend your time either Buying Supplies or Stealing Supplies to keep your Bunker stocked. You can choose to allocate those Supplies to Research or Manufacturing. Research allows you to discover new types of ammunition and various other unlocks, but you're probably going to want to Assign Staff to Manufacturing. Once you've done that, your Stock meter will grow, and you should always Sell Stock once the meter is about 20 per cent complete if you're playing solo. It's best to sell to Blaine County for maximum profits. You can find out more information about How to Get Rich with Gunrunning through the link.

You can find additional reading on the Gunrunner Career on the pages linked below. Gunrunning is a decent business in Los Santos, but you'll need to invest the funds to get the Equipment Upgrade and Staff Upgrade to be truly effective here:

Biker Career: MC Club

GTA Online: Best Career Builder Business, Vehicles, and Weapons to Pick Guide 4
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The Biker Career will start you out with a MC Club or Motorcycle Club, although it's important to note that an MC Club alone will not provide you with any money making opportunities. Instead you'll need to consider the best MC Businesses to buy. There are five MC businesses in total: Document Forgery Offices, Weed Farms, Counterfeit Cash Factories, Methamphetamine Labs, and Cocaine Lockups. While all of these have value, we'd recommend Cocaine Lockups, Counterfeit Cash Factories, and Methamphetamine Labs as a priority first. Fortunately, you can add one of these to your empire as part of the Career Builder.

Once you have at least one of these businesses, you'll need to obtain Supplies in order to accrue Product. We'd always recommend you Steal Supplies unless you have the money to add both the Equipment Upgrade and Staff Upgrade. You'll then need to wait for your Product to reach about 25 per cent if you're playing solo before flogging it. This is because you'll need to make multiple deliveries if you allow your Product to go beyond 25 per cent, meaning you'll need a friend to help you.

For more information on the Biker Career, refer to the pages below. It's worth noting that having a strong suite of MC businesses can help you to further profit from the Nightclub Owner Career at a later point. Overall it's a decent place to start if you want to get a taste for the Los Santos grind, although you can potentially earn more money faster with the Executive Career:

Nightclub Owner Career: Nightclub

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The Nightclub Owner Career may seem like the most appealing on paper, and it does come with some entertaining missions, but it's the worst of the four if you want to know How to Make Money Fast. This is because it plugs into Gunrunning and MC Businesses, and has some extremely high setup costs. If you're already established in Los Santos then you can earn a lot here, but you'll need to assign Technicians to South American Imports, Cargo & Shipments, Pharmaceutical Research, Sporting Goods, and Cash Creation and you can't do that unless you own the requisite businesses.

You can find out more about How to Get Rich with Warehouse Management at the Nightclub through the link, but in short your goal is to hire a team of Technicians who will take control of all your businesses and provide you with Goods that you can then flip. You don't need to buy Supplies like with other businesses, so this all functions passively. The problem is, as mentioned, that there's a huge investment required here, as you'll need to actually own the associated businesses and spend big to hire Technicians in order to get this all setup, making it a poor first career choice.

Still, if you really want to get started with the Nightclub Owner Career, then we've included some helpful links below. We'd strongly recommend you pick one of the other three, however, specifically the Executive Career.

All Career Builder Business Location and Upgrade Recommendations

Now you have a taste for all the Career Builder businesses available, you may be wondering which specific business locations to buy and why. This is because you'll need to decide on a specific location from which to conduct your operations from. These businesses all have different costs associated, and as you build your empire you'll want to begin thinking about the best locations for your businesses in order to maximise your efficiency.

While this is ultimately up to you to determine, we've included some suggestions of which businesses we'd recommend you pick as part of the Career Builder to hopefully help inform your decisions.

Career Best Business and Upgrades Price Notes
Executive Career
  • Maze Bank West: Prosperity Street Del Perro
  • Derriere Lingerie Backlot: San Andreas Avenue
  • GTA$1,000,000
  • GTA$902,000

You can't get a Vehicle Warehouse with the Career Builder, so keep in mind you'll need to purchase that separately. The best Backlot is widely considered to be West Vinewood Backlot, but Derriere Lingerie Backlot is a decent alternative.

Gunrunner Career
  • Chumash Bunker: Great Ocean Highway
  • Bunker Upgrade Pack D
  • GTA$1,650,000
  • GTA$1,214,500
Chumash is by far the best Bunker because it's close to Los Santos, which is where you'll be selling the majority of your product. You can go for Bunker Upgrade Pack A or Bunker Upgrade Pack D; ultimately you're going to need the Equipment Upgrade and Staff Upgrade eventually, so you may as well get one of them.
Biker Career
  • Vespucci Beach Clubhouse: 4 Goma Street
  • Morningwood Cocaine Lockup + Upgrade: Prosperity Street
  • GTA$395,000
  • GTA$2,242,000
You're not going to spend much time in your Clubhouse at all, so we'd recommend just going with Vespucci Beach Clubhouse, which is the cheapest. In terms of MC Businesses, we'd go with Cocaine, Cash, or Meth to begin with. If your Career Builder budget can stretch to it, get the Staff Upgrade if possible because this is essential to making bigger profits.
Nightclub Owner Career
  • Downtown Vinewood Nightclub: Power Street
  • Omega Interior
  • GTA$1,670,000
  • GTA$563,000
You want to try and pick a Nightclub as north as possible, purely because when you get to sell missions you're going to be taking a lot of cargo that way. West Vinewood Nightclub is another good option. Don't bother with any of the Upgrades apart from the Omega Interior as this includes the Staff Upgrade, which will come in handy as you build up your criminal empire.

GTA Online: Best Career Builder Vehicles to Pick

GTA Online: Best Career Builder Business, Vehicles, and Weapons to Pick Guide 6
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For the next section of our Career Builder page, we're going to make a recommendation of best Career Builder vehicles to pick. While there are some good options available, and you should consult our Best Cars and Vehicles to Own page for more information, we'd strongly recommend you pick up the Karin Kuruma (Armored) for GTA$698,500.

While it may seem extremely expensive, you'll be able to breeze through Jobs and early Heists easily without taking damage with this car. And because GTA Online allows you to fire from your window, you can still deal out damage from the relative comfort of your driver's seat. This is a car that every new player should have in their garage, so definitely splash out on this with your Career Builder windfall.

The Benefactor Terrorbyte is also an excellent option, as it allows you to manage your businesses remotely and tackle unique missions called Client Jobs, which can be a great means of How to Make Money Fast. However, at GTA$1,375,000 it's going to really eat into your budget, so we'd recommend opting for the Karin Kuruma (Armored) for now. It's also worth noting that you can only get the Benefactor Terrorbyte if you opt for the Nightclub Owner Career, whereas the Karin Kuruma (Armored) is an option for all of the paths.

GTA Online: Best Career Builder Weapons to Pick

GTA Online: Best Career Builder Business, Vehicles, and Weapons to Pick Guide 7
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Finally, you'll need to select some weapons as part of your Career Builder. To be honest, there aren't many options that appear on our Best Guns and Weapons to Buy list. You gun locker is likely going to evolve throughout your time in Los Santos, but we'd maybe consider picking something like the Heavy Pistol where available, as you'll be able to use that in tandem with your Karin Kuruma (Armored). Realistically, though, just pick a decent handgun and once you're beginning to make money we'd recommend taking a visit to Ammu-Nation and completely upgrading your loadout across the board.

Did you find this guide on the best Career Builder business, vehicles, and weapons to pick in GTA Online helpful? Check out our GTA Online guide, and let us know in the comments section below.