Looking for a Unlocking the Mask walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok? Unlocking the Mask is the 14th quest in The Path, which represents Ragnarok's main storyline. As part of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we're going to share our full Unlocking the Mask walkthrough, which includes puzzle solutions, combat strategies, and any other key areas of interest.

God of War Ragnarok: Unlocking the Mask Walkthrough

Following the events of Creatures of Prophecy, you're now back in control of Atreus in Unlocking the Mask. Head to the Mystic Gateway, and watch the cutscene. Then travel back to Midgard. Head inside your family home and another cutscene will trigger.

When you retake control, you'll be in Asgard. You can upgrade your gear at the wardrobe if you want to. Alternatively, forge ahead to Odin's study. You can barge in on Thrud and Sif's conversation if you want to, or head straight for Odin — it's up to you. Watch the cutscene when you enter Odin's study. Once you retake control, you'll need to find Thor. You can go and chat with Sif if you want to for a little bit of additional story. You can also spend a moment upgrading your equipment at the wardrobe in your quarters if you'd like to.

Once you're done, in the main dining room area, speak with Thrud and see if she knows where Thor is. She'll lead you outside, so follow her around to another house where music is playing. You'll discover a new location named Black Thunder. Drop off your weapons with Thrud. Head deeper into the tavern until you find Thor. Watch the cutscene.

Time for a good ol' fashioned bar brawl. You don't have your quiver right now, so you're going to have to use your melee attacks, but you shouldn't have too much trouble making mince meat of these chumps. Fight your way back towards the front door, but you'll be catapulted up to higher ground where you'll have to deal with more foes. Eventually Thrud will throw you your quiver, so help her pick off the grunts down below.

You'll be grabbed by an enemy when you drop back down to the ground floor, but Thor will make light work of him. Watch the cutscene again, then carry Thor out of the tavern. Watch the cutscene outside between Thor and Thrud.

Once you retake control you'll be in Niflheim, at a location called The Eternal Chasm. This is the same situation as in Into the Fire and Unleashing Hel: you need to equip the mask and follow where it leads you when it glows. Head right from the starting location and then walk forwards. There are a couple of enemies ahead; if you climb up on the left wall there's a yellow chest you can open for Hacksilver. Continue into the ice cave and deal with the small group of foes ahead. The mask will lead you to a blocked wall, but Thor will need to take a bathroom break before you proceed.

Follow the path forward, collecting the Hacksilver from the corpse along the way. You'll eventually arrive at the Frozen Caverns. There'll be some Nightmares waiting for you in here, among a few other enemies. Deal with them, open the yellow chest at the back of the room for more Hacksilver, and then use the mask to guide you to another wall of ice that Thor will need to break down. There are some Draugrs ahead, so make short work of them, then climb up the wall at the end of the passageway.

Drop down and make short work of the Nightmares waiting for you, then follow the passageway behind the hookshot point to a Legendary Chest. Inside you'll unlock a Runic Summon named the Bitter Squirrel. Once you've nabbed that, hookshot across to the other side and drop down until you face some Ice Nightmares. If you shoot down the bucket hanging overhead in here, you can nab some Shattered Runes. Keep following the path until you reach the Pale Meadows.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Frost Ancient

Once you drop down into the arena, you'll come face-to-face with a Frost Ancient, which isn't to be confused with a Forest Ancient but is obviously quite similar. Much like with similar foes from this family, you'll need to wait until it reveals the sensitive part of its chest, usually when blasting you with a laser beam, and then attack the exposed area. As you're playing as Atreus, it's probably best to maintain a safe distance and use arrows. Once it's staggered, you can rush over and unleash a devastating kick to its chest, which will seriously chip away at its health bar. Rinse and repeat this a handful of times to defeat the foe. You'll get some Ydalir Timber and Shattered Runes for your troubles.

Once the fight is over, pull out the mask once more to reveal another blocked wall that Thor will smash away with his hammer. Thor will actually open up the wrong way, and there are some Hel-Raiders on the other side. Climb up the wall to open a yellow chest for some Hacksilver. You can search this area for some corpses and dropped Hacksilver if you like, and then go back to the wall you wanted Thor to knock down previously. This time he'll follow instructions. Follow the corridor. There's a bucket overhead you can shoot down with Asgardian Ingot inside. Eventually you'll come to a cliff which Thor will help you to navigate.

Drop down into a new area named the Mist Fields. Use the mask to guide you forwards, and deal with the Ice Nightmares that obstruct you along the way. There's a yellow chest along the way with Hacksilver inside, so be sure to collect that. You'll eventually come to what looks like a large temple-style area. Pull out the mask and walk towards a chasm, just off to the side. Watch the cutscene once the mask has been reassembled.

Once you retake control, you'll be piloting Kratos again. Once you return to Sindri's House, there's an opportunity to head off and run some errands, like Favours you may have missed, or you can head back inside to continue the main story. When inside, you can spend a little time upgrading your equipment, and then take a seat at the table to hear Tyr's plan. Watch the cutscene.

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When the cutscene ends, you'll find yourself in control of Kratos once again, and walking towards the Mystic Gateway. Plot a course back to Midgard. This will begin Hunting for Solace.

God of War Ragnarok: Unlocking the Mask Objectives

  • Seek out Huginn in Midgard
  • Speak with the All-Father
  • Find Thor
  • Actually find the final mask fragment
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God of War Ragnarok: Unlocking the Mask Rewards

  • Atreus: 4,500 XP

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