Looking for a The Mysterious Orb walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok? The Mysterious Orb is a Favour, which are Ragnarok's equivalent of side-quests. As part of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we're going to share our full The Mysterious Orb walkthrough, which includes puzzle solutions, combat strategies, and any other key areas of interest.

God of War Ragnarok: The Mysterious Orb Walkthrough

You'll pick up the Favour named The Mysterious Orb when you speak to Brok upon returning to Freyr's Camp towards the end of The Reckoning. You can tackle this right away, or if you're returning to finish it at a later date, then travel to the Mystic Gateway named Freyr's Camp in Vanaheim. Get in the boat, and sail past the Yggdrasil Dew. If you can't progress down the river here, then you may need to interact with the Celestial Altar just left of the Mystic Gateway to ensure it's daytime. If you're not sure which way to go, remember you can track the Favour from the map, and then follow the quest marker that appears on your compass at the top of the screen. You'll know you're going the right way if you pass through regions named the River Delta and finally the Cliffside Ruins. If you have already explored down here, then you can travel directly to the Mystic Gateway named River Delta to speed things up. Be aware that when you disembark your boat at Cliffside Ruins, you'll have to deal with a Revenant Hag and multiple Nightmares. Speak to Gunhild to trigger a new Favour named Conscience for the Dead.

Climb the wall and destroy the poisonous plants to the left. Then open the red chest for Lunda's Broken Belt. Return backwards, leaping across the pillars to an area with vines you can burn using Sigil Arrows. Chain multiple large Sigil orbs together and ignite them with your Blades of Chaos. Then climb up and interact with rune at the end of the path, which unlocks the blockage in the river. Now you can return to your boat and continue onwards. You'll end up in a new area named Goddess Falls. Do keep in mind that if you're returning to this Favour at a later date, this will also unlock the way to Freya's Missing Peace. For The Mysterious Orb, however, take the first left to The Veiled Passage, and disembark once inside the cave.

Pick up the explosive rock, directly opposite where you get off your boat, and throw it at the debris immediately to your left. There's a Nornir Chest on the other side of the debris, so solve that now if you want to. Then, just to the left of where you disembark the boat, you'll find the Mysterious Orb next to some crafting tools.

When you're ready, sail back to one of the Huldra Brothers' workshops. You can go to any one you like, but the nearest one from where you are is at the Cliffside Ruins. Hand over the Mysterious Orb when you're ready, which will complete The Mysterious Orb and unlock a Trophy named New Friends.

God of War Ragnarok: The Mysterious Orb Objectives

  • Find the orb
  • Return the orb to Lunda

God of War Ragnarok: The Mysterious Orb Rewards

  • Kratos: 1,000 XP
  • Atreus: 250 XP

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