God of War: All Kratos' Stats and What They Mean Guide 1

What are all Kratos' stats and what do they mean in God of War? God of War is not a role-playing game, but it borrows liberally from the genre. As such, you have the opportunity to customise Kratos in the way you see fit by altering his armour and attaching enchantments to them which offer various perks and ability boosts. But what statistics can you alter and what do they do? As part of our God of War guide, we're going to introduce all Kratos' stats and what they mean.

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God of War: All Kratos’ Stats and What They Mean

Here are all of Kratos’ stats in God of War which can be altered by equipping different gear and enchantments:

  • Strength: Straightforward to start with, Strength increases the damage that you inflict with all standard attacks.
  • Runic: Increases the damage inflicted by Runic attacks (those that are tied to a cooldown and mapped to the L1 + R1/R2 button) and elemental damage. Elemental damage may be dealt by the weapon you have attached depending on how you have it specced; Frost damage from the Leviathan Axe, for example.
  • Defence: This attribute reduces the damage that you’ll take when hit by an attack.
  • Vitality: As you’d expect, this increases your maximum HP and also reduces the severity of staggers or hit reactions from enemy attacks.
  • Luck: Increases the chance of perk activation if you have appropriate gear equipped. Luck also improves XP and Hacksilver gain. Find out how to earn XP and how to earn Hacksilver through the respective links.
  • Cooldown: This lowers the amount of time it takes to recharge Runic Attacks, Runic Summons, and Talismans.

Try to find a blend between all of these attributes that best suits your playstyle. Remember it's okay to change your strategy on the fly depending on what your current encounters require. Some gauntlets favour an aggressive style, while others demand a more defensive approach.