God of War: How to Earn XP Experience Points Guide 1

How do you earn XP in God of War? Like so many other games, you’ll earn XP (or experience points) as you progress through God of War. This currency can be used to upgrade items, as well as unlock skill points in Kratos’ skill tree. As part of our God of War guide, we're going to explain how to earn XP.

God of War: How to Earn XP

On this page, we're going to explain how to earn XP in God of War.

Succeed in Battle

The easiest and most obvious way to earn XP in God of War is to have success in battle. Unlike other games, you’ll only unlock XP once you’ve beaten every enemy in a combat gauntlet, so make sure you clear everyone out before moving on.

Complete Favors

Favors in God of War are essentially sub-activities, and they span a variety tasks. Some of these are full on side-quests, while others require you to complete simple combat objectives or find a set of collectibles named Artefacts. Make sure you’re paying full attention to your Goals in the menu to ensure you’re always working towards these.

Progress Through the Story

Similarly to Favors, you’ll earn XP as you complete story-based quests. Make sure you’re always pushing forward with the campaign to keep developing your character.

God of War: How to Maximise XP

If you want to earn the maximum possible amount of XP in God of War, then focus on increasing your Luck attribute by equipping appropriate armour and enchantments. This will increase the amount of XP you earn per battle, thus enabling you to upgrade your gear quicker.