Ghost of Tsushima How Many Acts

How many Acts are there in Ghost of Tsushima and Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut? It may be an open world game that offers you a lot of freedom, but there's definitely a structure to Ghost of Tsushima that sees your adventure progress at a steady pace — you can't just rush to the end. In this Ghost of Tsushima guide, we're going to reveal how many Acts the game has.

Ghost of Tsushima: How Many Acts Are There?

Ghost of Tsushima is split into 3 Acts, suitably called Act I, Act II, and Act III. Each Act has its own central objective, which the main story missions will lead you towards.

However, Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut actually has 4 Acts. It has the three Acts of the main game, and a fourth, optional act that takes Jin to Iki Island. This is known as the Iki Island expansion, which has its own storyline.

Each Act takes place in a different region. The region in Act II, for example, can't be accessed during Act I. Once you reach Act III, however, you're free to wander the entire open world map with no restrictions. The Iki Island expansion can only be accessed from Act II onwards. You can also visit Iki after you've completed the game.

As for how long each Act is, it's hard to say given the game's open world design. For more information on how long you can expect to be playing Ghost of Tsushima, check out the following guide: Ghost of Tsushima: How Long Does It Take to Beat?

How many Acts of Ghost of Tsushima have you completed? Continue your journey in the comments section below, and check out our huge Ghost of Tsushima guide for more information on locations, character progression, and much more.