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How do you find and free Biorr in Demon's Souls? We'll answer that exact question as part of our Demon's Souls guide. There are a number of helpful NPC's in Demon's Souls, and Biorr is one of them. If you liberate Biorr from his holding cell, he'll assist you with the Penetrator fight which is vital for the Brothers-in-Arms Trophy. He'll help distract the Blue Dragon for you later on too, so giving him a helping hand is pretty darn useful.

Finding and Freeing Biorr

You'll have to find Biorr first before you can free him, but you'll have to find the Iron Key Ring before you can do either.

How to Get the Iron Key Ring

Soon after entering the area after the Inner Ward Archstone in Boletarian Palace, a scene will play showing a creepy-looking dude in a top hat called a Fat Official running off and shutting a gate, forcing you to take a detour. The Iron Key Ring is on a different Fat Official along this detour.

Continue along the mostly linear pathway until you come to a few archers defending a Fat Official. This is the Fat Official you'll have to take out. Take care of him (and probably the archers, too), and loot his body to get the Iron Key Ring.

How to Find and Free Biorr

Biorr isn't too far from the Inner Ward Archstone. Return to where you fought the Tower Knight, and get to the little alcove immediately before the Tower Knight's boss arena. There's a door in one of the corners of this enclosure that you'll be able to unlock with the Iron Key Ring. Do so, and descend into its depths.

Biorr is in one of the cells down here, but you should take out the Fat Official first. Those pesky fire spells it'll taunt you with can be quite dangerous if he's left to his own devices, and he'll even drop a Bloody Iron Key that can be used to rescue Yuria the Witch. Take a look at the Demon's Souls: How to Rescue Yuria the Witch guide to learn more.

After taking care of the Fat Official, find the cell with an armored man sitting inside it, open it up, and talk to him. He'll thank you for giving him his freedom back, and he'll appear both back at The Nexus, and at the Penetrator boss fight.

Have you found and rescued Biorr yet? Tell us whether or not the Fat Official guarding him scared the crap out of you the first time in the comments below. Also don't forget to check out our Demon's Souls guide where we've got plenty of other walkthroughs including ones for rescuing other important NPC's.