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Can you kill the Vanguard in Demon's Souls? If you're anything like us, you probably quickly died to the Vanguard boss in the opening tutorial and wondered whether or not defeating it was even possible. Turns out it is! We're here to tell you what happens if you do as part of our greater Demon's Souls guide.

Demon's Souls: What Happens When You Defeat the Vanguard?

As it so happens, not all that much! However, there is still a little something special in store if you manage to pull it off. Keep in mind that it won't be easy given that all you'll have access to are the starting equipment and stats for your class of choice.

Managing to take out the mighty Vanguard will get you a few hundred souls and a unique Grey Demon's Soul – but it's worth noting that this unique Grey Demon's Soul can still be gotten if you fail to defeat the Vanguard in this opening encounter.

A checkpoint stone will appear in the Vanguard boss room that warps you to a new area where the Dragon God resides. There's a largely linear path in this area with some loot lying around. Grabbing it all will net you some healing grasses, a couple of crafting stones, and a few Soldier's Soul consumables. Nothing all that desirable if you ask us.

After getting to the end of the path in this area, you'll be treated to a brief cutscene where the Dragon King roars and slams its fist into you, causing your demise. So – in case you were curious – there isn't a way to make it out of the Demon's Souls tutorial without dying.

Did you defeat the Vanguard on your first try? Tell us about your beginner's luck below, and check out our Demon's Souls guide which will answer plenty more of your Demon's Souls questions.