Control PS4 3

How do you upgrade your abilities in Control? Remedy's latest places a huge emphasis on taking advantage of your powers during combat and combining them with the use of your service weapon. However, how do you make them even better than the base version? Here's how you upgrade abilities in Control.

How to Upgrade Abilities in Control

You'll gain access to a couple of powers before you can actually upgrade them, with the action tied to cleansing Control Points. You'll begin to encounter them a couple of hours into the game, and as soon as you do, the ability skill tree becomes accessible once a Control Point has been interacted with.

Here, you can improve your powers by spending ability points, which are earned via the completion of main missions and side quests. Initial upgrades will only cost one or two points to unlock, but the further you progress the more they can cost, with the final round of enhancements needing upwards of four ability points to access.