Best PS5, PS4 Games Like Zelda 1
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What are the best PS5, PS4 games like Zelda? The Legend of Zelda is a Nintendo series that needs no introduction. It's been around since the NES days, gradually evolving from its 8-bit origins into a fully fledged, 3D, open world epic. Critically acclaimed across the board and adored by fans, it's a series that has many imitators, influencing games big and small. While Zelda games are exclusive to Nintendo's consoles, the good news is that there are many comparable games on PS5 and PS4.

That Zelda games have taken varying forms over the years just makes that pool of wannabes even wider. Whether it's big name blockbusters or the smallest of indie gems, Zelda can be seen in all kinds of places. If you're looking for top-down adventures or large-scale environments to pick apart, look no further than our recommendations. As part of our ongoing quest to bring you the best PS5 games and best PS4 games, we've compiled some of our favourite Zelda-likes below.

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A Short Hike (PS4)

If you want the Zelda experience in a bite-sized package, A Short Hike comes with our full recommendation. This top-down indie game has you exploring a small island with no restrictions; you're free to wander around as you please, all the while finding cool locations, items, and memorable characters. After unlocking a few abilities and helping out the residents of this cute little island getaway, a simple but heartfelt story awaits as you ascend the central mountain.

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition (PS4)

The Darksiders series as a whole has some Zelda DNA coursing through it, but we'd argue it peaked with Darksiders II. Playing as Death, there's a stronger emphasis on combat here, but as you explore the land, you'll find more and more Zelda influence. Perhaps most obviously, the game features puzzle-stuffed dungeons that end with large-scale boss fights, and you're drip-fed new items and abilities as you progress through the story. It's darker in tone than Nintendo's classic franchise, but very enjoyable all the same.

Death's Door (PS5)

Taking some inspiration from Dark Souls as well as Zelda, Death's Door is a wonderful action adventure. Playing as a crow on the hunt for lost spirits in the land of the living, you'll explore a map that gradually opens up to you as you progress, engaging in simple but challenging isometric combat. As you gain strength and unlock new abilities, you'll be able to take down some great bosses and solve a multitude of environmental puzzles. It's a charming game full of secrets that Zelda fans will love.

Genshin Impact (PS5)

A release famously lambasted by outspoken Breath of the Wild stans for its surface similarities to Nintendo’s flagship franchise, Genshin Impact is actually cut from a different cloth to The Legend of Zelda, focusing instead on character building and story-driven quests. But its painterly open world, enormous and ever-expanding, does share a similar sense of wonder to Hyrule – and as the game’s free to download, it’s a much cheaper alternative to Link’s more modern adventures.

Hyper Light Drifter (PS4)

Hyper Light Drifter is a fantastic top-down adventure that echoes the style of older Zelda titles. Featuring a gorgeous pixel art style, the world is presented wordlessly, leaving you to explore and discover its mysteries on your own. Slick, slashy combat makes up most of the action, but Zelda's sense of adventure and steady progression is definitely part of what makes this game tick.

Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS5)

Immortals Fenyx Rising is perhaps the game most analogous to Breath of the Wild on this list. It's a vast, colourful open world game that lets you go pretty much anywhere, climbing cliffs and soaring across the land in search of loot and monsters. It's smaller in scale compared to Link's open world debut, but this Greek mythology adventure is still worth exploring thanks to decent combat and neat puzzles.

Minit (PS4)

Minit's main hook is that each life lasts just 60 seconds. While that sounds like a headache, you'll be pleasantly surprised by what can be achieved in each minute-long existence. This top-down puzzle adventure game takes some of the hallmarks of Zelda — gathering items, solving conundrums — and forces you through them super fast. The result is an unusual but wonderfully compelling game that's full of personality.

Okami HD (PS4)

Okami HD brings a classic Capcom game into the modern era, and it's a game that still has a lot to offer. Playing as the sun goddess Amaterasu in wolf form, it's your job to restore life and lustre to a suffering landscape using a celestial brush. With a mix of combat, puzzles, and exploration, comparisons to Zelda are apt — but this title has a strong identity of its own, in part thanks to its beautiful art style.

The Swords of Ditto (PS4)

The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse, to give it its full name, is a brilliant blend of ideas. Firstly, it takes that typical Zelda-style top-down aesthetic and gives it a Saturday morning cartoon look. Secondly, it has a solid mix of melee combat and magical abilities. But it goes beyond what you'd expect with rogue-like elements, making this co-op adventure highly replayable as you aim to break the titular curse. Great fun alone or with a pal, there's a lot to love here.

Tunic (PS5)

Tunic has strong Zelda vibes, but its sense of mystery is its greatest strength. Featuring decent isometric combat and lovely chunky visuals, the game's world is fun to explore, but it's when you really get into its puzzles and secrets that the game really sings. As you level up and slowly gather new abilities and items, the world's mysteries will gradually come into focus — it's one big, brilliant puzzle box that's a joy to crack open.

And that does it for our list of best PS5, PS4 games like Zelda. Are there any Zelda-like titles missing from our recommendations? Share them in the comments section below.