The Unfinished Swan

The Unfinished Swan


PlayStation 3
Sony Computer Entertainment
Giant Sparrow


Game Rating

User Ratings: 35

Our Review: 10/10

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  • News Now You've Got No Excuse Not to Buy The Unfinished Swan

    PlayStation Network hit discounted in Europe

    BAFTA award-winning exclusive and Push Square perfect score alumnus The Unfinished Swan will be available at a new low price in Europe this weekend. Sony has confirmed that it’s cutting the first-person adventure’s cost to just £5.19 from today until 6th May, with lucky PlayStation Plus subscribers...


  • Feature Crafting the Contrasting Sounds of The Unfinished Swan

    Secret gardens and synths

    The Unfinished Swan is a blank canvas; an engrossing adventure open to interpretation and debate. It’s a title that’s defined by contrasts, be it the bold blobs of colour that paint your progression through the game’s otherwise vacant world, or the juxtaposed personalities of the protagonist and his counterpart, the...


  • News Sony Slashes the Price of Critical Darlings in European PSN Sale

    You know what you need to do

    Drop everything, because Sony has chopped the price of two of its most popular downloadable titles on the European PlayStation Store. Right now you can purchase both Journey and The Unfinished Swan for just £9.99/€12.99. That represents a 50 per cent saving over the duo’s normal price point, with PlayStation Plus...


  • Store Update 24th October 2012 (Europe)

    The finished swan

    There’s plenty in this week’s European PlayStation Store update to keep your bandwidth busy. Just like overseas, there’s an impressive selection of PlayStation Vita content, including Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz and Street Fighter X Tekken. The PS3 side’s not too shabby either, with both Killzone HD

  • News Learn About The Unfinished Swan's Complex Soundscapes

    Heart strings

    Music is a pivotal part of all games – but it’s especially important in emotional tour-de-forces such as The Unfinished Swan. As such, developer Giant Sparrow invested an enormous amount of time into getting the audio right for its upcoming PSN exclusive. “We wanted the music to serve as a companion for Monroe and the player as...

  • News The Unfinished Swan Starts Its Journey Later This Month

    Once more with feeling

    Giant Sparrow’s emotionally engaging debut The Unfinished Swan will paddle onto the PlayStation Network on 23rd October in North America and 24th October in Europe, the developer has announced. PlayStation Plus subscribers will unlock early access to the title on 16th October and 17th October respectively. The game will cost...

  • Preview Fumbling Through the Dark with The Unfinished Swan

    Blind man's buff

    It’s difficult to discuss The Unfinished Swan without drawing comparisons to Journey. Just like thatgamecompany, developer Giant Sparrow has been taken under the wing of first-party powerhouse Sony Santa Monica. Furthermore, it has signed a three game exclusivity deal with PlayStation. Indeed, the only noticeable difference...


  • News Giant Sparrow Brings The Unfinished Swan to Life

    Gut wrenching

    This brand new The Unfinished Swan trailer is so effortlessly macabre that it gave us goosebumps. Its purpose is to introduce the King – the curious monarch behind the PSN exclusive’s striking world – but we couldn’t help but get choked up over the comparison between the protagonist and his deceased mother’s unfinished...

  • News Sony Paints New The Unfinished Swan Trailer Online

    Beautifully simplistic

    Sony’s GamesCom 2012 press conference was laced with creative ideas yesterday, but one title that didn’t get an airing was The Unfinished Swan. Thankfully, the platform holder has taken the time to remind us about the indie adventure by releasing the striking trailer embedded below. Looks good, doesn't it?


  • News Here's The Unfinished Swan's Comic-Con Panel

    Not-so-ugly duckling

    The Unfinished Swan developer Giant Sparrow took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con to dab in a little more information on the upcoming PlayStation Network title. The first-person paint 'em up, in which you hurl paint balls at a white background to reveal your surroundings, has been coated in mystery since its announcement...


  • News Sony Signs Three Game Deal with Giant Sparrow

    Fresh blood

    There may well be life after thatgamecompany after all. Sony has announced that it has signed a three game exclusivity partnership with Giant Sparrow, starting with The Unfinished Swan. The developer is currently set-up inside Sony’s ubiquitous Santa Monica studio, which is responsible for a dizzying number of PS3 titles at the moment...


  • News The Unfinished Swan Takes a Step Closer to Completion

    Abstract adventure

    If you were offended by the conclusion to the so-called NeverEnding Story, then you might want to hit your browser’s back button before reading anymore of this article. It appears that development on Giant Sparrow’s intriguing PSN collaboration with Sony Santa Monica, The Unfinished Swan, might be heading towards a close. A...