Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition


PlayStation 3


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User Ratings: 135

Our Review: 8/10

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  • News Capcom Calls Resident Evil 5 "Best Move Game Out There"

    Still surprised by its success

    Capcom's only released one title for PlayStation Move, the very good Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, a new update to an 18 month-old game. Despite its age, the game has sold remarkably well, breaking into the charts again and making a great accompaniment to Move's hardcore credentials. David Reeves, Capcom's European...


  • News PlayStation Move Off to a Good Start in Japan

    Four titles in top 20

    PlayStation Move launched in Japan a week ago, with some encouraging performances from launch titles. The Japanese chart from the 18th to 24th of October put the PS3 2,000 units down on the previous week, shifting 20,128 across the seven day period, but Move software fared well overall. Beat Sketcher reached the heady heights...

  • News Get a Closer Look at Resident Evil 5's Move Controls

    PlayStation Blog goes in for the kill

    You might have already read our Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition review and in-depth description of how the controls work, but if your thirst for Move control knowledge is as insatiable as the Majini we might be able to put an end to those cravings. The official US PlayStation Bl

  • News This Week's UK All-Formats Chart Light on Move Games

    Down from seven to five

    It's that time of the week again: the UK sales charts are in and it's time to see how the Move is faring in software sales. Last week's line-up saw seven titles across the top 40, whereas this week sees a slimmed-down proportion with five motion-supported titles in the chart. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is the biggest-selling...

  • News More Move Games Break Into UK Chart

    EyePet and Resident Evil 5 jump in

    Sports Champions continues to be the biggest-selling Move-specific title, occupying 7th position in the UK all-formats game charts, but it's not the only Move-enabled title hanging around the charts, with two titles re-entering this week. EyePet: Move Edition brought the monkey-cat-dog creature back to the charts...


  • News Resident Evil 5 Move Trailer Lurks Behind this Creaky Door

    Classic mansion and helicopters in Move-o-vision

    The Move-enabled update for zombie slayers is now available, and to celebrate Capcom has put together a launch trailer for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, showing the new controls in all their waggle-tastic glory. Don't forget this update will only work with Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, not the...

  • News Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Move Patch Now Live

    And for free too

    The onslaught of Move-enabling patches is building up to a deafening roar, with two available in the past two days: first Hustle Kings and now Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. The free patch adds support for Move – released today across mainland Europe, don't forget – but no extra content, although being the Gold Edition it's...

  • News Move-Enabling Patches May Cost You

    Don't expect them all to be free

    Looking forward to the Move-capable updates of Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition? We imagine there are several more updates on the horizon, but you'd imagine having already bought the game and controller you wouldn't have to shell out again to use them together. Well, you might be wrong. The Official...