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We have threads for recommending games but I'm actually a bit surprised we don't have a thread for games that we don't recommend playing. So the purpose of this thread is to share your experiences with games that you feel aren't worth getting in order to help others save some money from not buying them.

Project Gotham Racing 1 (Xbox)
It starts out as a decent game but the time challenges (from the Kudos challenge mode, which acts as the game's career mode) get way too hard after some time. Gave up on the game because of this, so I don't really recommend getting it.

Super Bomberman R (Switch)
I knew the game had online multiplayer but it doesn't support online multiplayer with CPUs that fill out empty slots or online multiplayer for the story mode. So it's basically a worthless game if you plan to play it with a few friends online. Avoid it.

Project Cars 1 (Xbox One)
It sounded like a promising game at first to me. But when I started playing it, I noticed the handling felt off for some of the cars. They don't really turn when you want them to turn, which was really annoying. On top of this, races with fast cars are super annoying when it rains or snows. In career mode you can't turn off the weather, and it starts raining midway through races sometimes, which makes it absolutely impossible to drive since it becomes so slippery. So I decided to give up on this game, it just doesn't feel fun to play at all. I don't recommend getting it.

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7 Days To Die - terrible performance both on PS4 and PS5. No V-Sync and unstable 30 FPS that hurt eyes. Better to play on PC
Alien Isolation - crappy 30 FPS without V-Sync that hurt eyes, both on PS4 and PS5, and brain-hurting blurring. Better to play on PC
Bloodborne for PS4 - it is much, MUCH better to play on PS5 due to performance.
Dead Island 2 - terrible 30 FPS without V-Sync, PC better.
Dishonored 1 work terrible both on PS4 and PS5 due to bad optimization. Sub-30 FPS without V-Sync. Better on Xbox Series and PC.
Fallout 4 for PS4 - unstable FPS without V-sync, it will hurt your eyes and give you butthurt. Better on Xbox and PC
Firewatch for PS4 - Bad Optimization. It will hurt eyes and very annoying. Better on PC, then PS5, then Xbox Series.
Layers of Fear 1 on PS4 - Bad optimization, unstable FPS without V-Sync. Better on PS4 Pro and PS5.
Necropolis. Game runs like crap both on PS4 and PS5. Unstable FPS without V-Sync, it hurts eyes, and there is a noticeable input lag.
Resident Evil 0 and 1 for PS4 - they are extremely outdated for modern games. If you have played RE 2 Remake on PS5, your disappointment will be immeasurable from those two old RE's.
Subnautica on PS4 - Bad optimization, unstable FPS, no V-Sync. MUCH better to play on PS5 than PS4.
Syberia 3 - If you have played First two games, don't try this one. You will be disappointed.
Terraria - Uncomfortable controller support. Better to play with Mouse and Keyboard.
Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Complete garbage, compared to Wildlands. If you want real tactical shooter for party of 4 people, get Wildlands. I mean, Breakpoint is literally a cringe circus filled with bad clowns. I am emotional because trust me!
WipeOut Omega Collection - This is, yes, a very famous racing game series, but, it requires a Super-Human reaction and reflexes. There are a lot of good racing games out there.
Everything I have said here is based on my Personal Experience



@Tasuki Yeah I'm hoping the series gets better after each entry. The concept of PGR is great, but the fact that you have to complete every challenge in the first game in order to progress is what made me lose interest. So I'm definitely looking forward to giving the other three entries a go in the future as I own all four games.



@LtSarge I think it's one of the "PGR" games (the second one, maybe?) that has a playable "Geometry Wars" arcade cabinet in one of the garages. That game is incredible even if the racing isn't!

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Avoid these games:

  • Switch version of the games from Outright Games
  • Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Switch version
  • Any Switch games with partial download and code in box treatments
  • Overcooked 1 (old version)

My Top 3 Dance Dance Revolution Arcade:
1. Dance Dance Revolution X2
2. Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME
3. Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix

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I’m pretty careful with my purchases on all my consoles however some stinkers I’ve been gicen are

Jumanji Outright games - all OG games can be avoided
MNM cart and every other wii “kids” game- licensed shovelware
Ubisoft party games - licensed shovelware
Angry birds console games - no need to justify

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Neko are a blessing from Japan and should be treated as such. If you don’t love Neko there is probably something wrong with you. I’m a Neko now and if you take issue with that block me

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I don’t know why but I think it’s easier to recommend something to someone than persuading something against to someone (probably because you’re more emotionally invested in something you like).

I do my research & know what I like & dislike so very rarely do I make uninformed purchases, but every now & then I make that impulse buy that I regret.

Digimon World: Next Order.
Looks like a mobile game. Plays like a mobile game. Should’ve been a F2P mobile game.
Was a full price AAA release & I bought it because Digimon.

Divinity Original Sin 2.
I know this is meant to be very good, but within an hour or 2 I was completely lost. Just too much going on. I wouldn’t say it’s a great starting point for newcomers.

428: Shibuya Scramble.
I like the weird Japanese humour & the story starts of interesting enough. The gameplay is non-existent but I knew that going in. However, the story only progresses if you clear certain conditions. Even with a guide as the conditions are hidden I couldn’t get to the end. I watched the same scene of the guy trying to get out of his mascot outfit a dozen+ times without any progress (& made sure I cleared the other characters conditions).
I have no idea why it reviewed as well as it did.

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Id say Elex 2 video looked good, couldn’t get into it.
Was also let down by rainbow six extraction

You may not like video games, but what I learned from them is this: no enemies in front of you means that you are going in the wrong way.


@Bivshtex007 Agreed on Syberia 3.

And, to add insult to injury, it was son buggy on the first levels (at least, when I played it). I was soft-locked many times.



@Sternhammer hundreds of thousands of units sold, a few threads highlighting this issue means that unfortunately a minority have been unlucky with it. Not discounting how frustrating it is, but that’s the reality. My disc copy of Pathfinder Kingmaker flat out won’t install. I can find a few threads with similar issues - unresolvable. Annoying, and of course unacceptable, but I understand I am the minority and the vast majority can install no problem. Fortunately I spent less than a tenner on it.

As for OS2, I have honestly always preferred the first one overall! It’s actually one of my favourite games, so I am keen to defend it. But, they are both excellent games.

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