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I want to play some of my recently added ps1 games (including symphony of the night, metal gear solid and final fantasy)

I currently have 5 consoles that read ps1 discs.
The original ps1 (the one that says “power” and “open)
the second ps1 (the one that replaced “power” and “open” with logo’s)
the ps2 phat
the ps2 slim
and the ps3 320gb (the last model that had you insert discs before you had to open the ps3).

Which one would be the best to play ps1 games/discs on?

Also is it better to use the ps2 phat for ps2 games or the ps2 slim?

Thanks in advance.


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Probably on the PS1 while on a CRT TV.

If you don't have a CRT, then it's proabably best to play on a BC PS3. Although I've never played actual discs on mine, but digital ones. The PS3 offers simple upscaling features and such.



My personal preferences when it comes to PS2 is the original PS2 over the slim. The Slim's never stood the test of time for me. I had several overheat, two that stopped reading discs but the original still runs fine for me too this day.

Also any model PS3 can play PS one games. I have the slime PS3 and the one plays PS one games and you don't even have to worry about memory cards

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Be careful; a select few PSone discs won't work on later consoles that emulate PSone hardware, or they'll work up to a point and then screw up.

Last year I purchased two copies of Star Wars: Episode I - Jedi Power Battles (at some expense) convinced that I had faulty discs. I was trying to play the game on a PS3 Super-Slim, a PS3 Slim and a PS2 Slim. I could progress through some levels but, invariably at some stage before the end, the music would start to skip out and enemies wouldn't appear (in places where defeating the enemies was the key to continuing and completing the current mission). First time, it happened during the final battle with Darth Maul, making me think I could play about 98% of the game and just miss the final cutscene, but then it happened on the second, fourth and fifth levels during subsequent playthroughs.

Turns out that the problem was with the PSone emulator software used to run PSone discs in everything PS2 Slim and beyond (never had the problem with my old, original PS2). I gather Jedi Power Battles may be one of a half-dozen PSone discs that have this issue, but I don't know the full list, so perhaps Google the specific games you've got and see if anybody's had any problems.

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