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I'm fairly new to this topic.
I have repaired myself a broken fat vita with firmware 2.61 and wanted to update it to 3.xx.
But therefore I need a psvita memory card.
My friend could borrow me his but it is full of games and save games and I don't want that anything of it to be removed.
Is it safe to plug in his card into my vita, without losing any data?



@wadaboom I'm pretty sure it would wipe the data from the card but even if it might work i wouldn't chance it

only thing is to try and find a cheap one i'm afraid or ask if your mate has an old spare he doesn't want anymore

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All Vita to games even physical ones require a memory card in order to save your game. If you want to play games on a Fat Vita you are going to need a memory card. @wadaboom

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