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Personally, I am NOT the biggest Arcane fan either. From the first trailer, Deathloop has never been on my 'watch' list and the more I've watched, read and heard about the game, the more its reinforced that this is perhaps not my type of game. In fact, I'd go so far to say that when it comes to 'Game Pass', I'm still not likely to try it.

I think part of the attraction for some and issue for others is that this is a game where you have to 'read' everything, pay attention to everything - even the 'idle' chatter between NPC's and notice the differences depending on what time of day you 'visit' each section. Each time, you are expected to 'learn' more and more that enable you to do 'more and more' things on each playthrough. When that clicks and things, inc the 'story' and 'reason' behind things become 'clearer', that's when it seems that people start 'raving' about it but that's not what I tend to want from a game.

Ghostwire: Tokyo doesn't appeal to me either but then everyone has different tastes and preferences. A review is an opinion only and I use them more to find out if the developers executed on their vision, paying more attention to any potential issues that are mentioned across several reviews rather than the score. There are a LOT of games that were rated very highly, winner of Awards etc that I can't stand (SoulsBorne, MGS etc) and many games that averaged '6/10' that I had a LOT more fun and enjoyed playing a LOT more so I don't put to much 'weight' on others opinion.

A combination of game-play trailers, reviews and 'research' help me to decide if I would like to play it or not. I couldn't care less if Mortal Kombat 12 (for example) is a GotY winner with 100% on Metacritic with over 100 reviews, I don't enjoy Fighting games so wouldn't buy it regardless...

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I love games and I don't like to complaint to be honest but this is a good opportunity for me to throw a few in:

Metroid Dread: Awful UI, hate controls, boring enemies, (not big fan of the genre I guess)
Any superheroes and sports games: (except Batman, oh boy)
Nintendo's business model and 80% of their games along with the switch (cr*p hardware and I don't care about portability)

and that's it =) peace out

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@HotGoomba Love this one and tbh I'm one of those that complains (only with me) about paying $60 for a 2D and that's why I just simply don't do it but to be fair I'm not paying $60 for a yearly sports games either so the balance is good I guess =D.



Girlie games like Barbie / Cooking Mama / Imagine series / My Universe games / Style Savvy are way much fun to play than AAA Western games.

I hate Westernized in games with idea of rated M games all the time. I mean why the heck you have to feed your brain with such gruesome stuffs like that ?
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4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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@HotGoomba While development costs vary dramatically I'd say something is only worth what any particular individual is willing to pay for it be it a 2D game, sports title, walking simulator or whatever else. With so many variables, value and worth make for an interesting discussion.



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