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Just to chime in, as I loved Stray 😁

It was honestly my game of the year (after Elden Ring) if ER didn't exist Stray would have been it, for me, that year.

It's short overall, but it is well crafted enough a world that you can still get lost in it for a few hours a night. So if you like getting immersed in game worlds it is great for that. Not a game to rush though, more a game to experience and exist within for as long as you can drag it out. Gameplay wise sometimes that amounts to following the trail of a small puzzle, sometimes it is literally curling up on a pillow while listening to music for a while.

And the characters are better written than half the stuff you see these days, despite them never really speaking 😍

It's published by Annapurna too, who have experience with more independent movies, and are actually releasing a fair few games now. There's a few coming up that were shown in the Xbox showcase, and because of Stray and the kind of films and games they back, I think that makes them worth keeping an eye on too.

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@BlAcK_SwOrDsMaN I can also vouch for Stray, I really enjoyed my time with it. It definitely feels a bit different to what I normally play, so if you feel like straying from the path I reccomend it.

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Agree with Johnny that if you’re feline the urge to stray from your usual games, it would be a purrfect fit, so be sure to pounce on it if you find it on sale to save yourself some scratch.

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Not a big fan of Stray myself. It is well made and I can appreciate the design choices that were made. And there is a lot to love, and some nice touches, for cat lovers. However, jn the end it didn't amount to something memorable for me. Don't remember any impactful gameplay, nor do I remember story moments that truly touched me.

I'm a dog person, though.



Good evening. Cool to see the chit chat thread in PS still active. Hope everyone is enjoying their day and weekend.

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@Kidfried I didn't even finish it. And I am a cat person.

I think it was a technically accomplished game, made with heart. I just didn't find it particularly enjoyable.



I feel a bit guilty for not finishing Stray. It’s very nice to look at and I respect what it goes for, I just don’t think it grabbed me.

Also think I’m typing remarkably well considering I lost count of how much I’ve had to drink in an attempt to forget the Scotland game.

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@Malaise Hahaha, honestly not a big drinker these days, usually stick to the non-alcoholic stuff so it’s like riding a bike except the bike makes you feel sick!

Plumbing’s just Lego innit. Water Lego.

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