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@TheBrandedSwordsman It’s okay to have a break from time to time and maybe see if things click at a later time for gaming. Immerse yourself into your other pursuits and passions like music, literature, sports, or whatever brings you joy. Elden Ring isn’t too far away and you might reconsider dipping your toes in gaming at that point. Many gamers will take months or even years away from it and then suddenly find it enjoyable again much later.
The community here is diverse with their interests so I do hope you still drop in and share your thoughts on any number of subjects at hand. 😄

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Sorry to see you going but do whatever is best for you. As ever gaming is about the enjoyment and if you're not enjoying it then it makes sense to take a step back from time to time.

Whenever I get into a similar funk I find it helps to mix up the genres i'm playing so I'm not just banging my head against the wall, so to speak, with the same old stuff.

Take it easy and we'll still all be here, I reckon, whenever you drop by.

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@TheBrandedSwordsman hey man! Well, we can still chat anyways. Sorry, I’ve been super busy the last couple of days.

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Don't really like the idea of being a pariah in a community I have been part of and fostered for eight years.

In my years I have often put people on Ignore whenever I felt they were unfriendly. But I didn't like this feeling of missing out on parts of conversations, it made me feel disconnected from the community, so I couldn't leave regulars on Ignore ever.

Now other people have that kind of control over my experience, and I just don't like it. I know myself and will login and out constantly to follow every conversation, read reviews and view screenshots.

It's a combination of that, but also truly disagreeing with it as a way to keep a community healthy. I'm quite sensitive, I know, and I know myself well enough to know that I won't feel comfortable on this site like that anymore.

Might be back in the future, when these feeling of alienation are less strong.

I wish everyone the best. I'm not going to name specific users, but quite a lot of you have a special place in my heart and I'll be thinking of you even when I'm taking a break from here.

Stay healthy!



@Kidfried Take care and be sure to come back as you seem to end up recommending games that I enjoy but might not otherwise have tried!



@Kidfried Take care of yourself Kiddo and hope to see you back here sooner rather than later.

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@Kidfried I made a conscious decision to steer well clear of all the drama this week, because I've hated seeing what it's done to certain parts of this friendly, respectful community, but this really is the rotten cherry atop a particularly crappy cake. I realise that your reasons are semi-separate from everything that's been going on, but I can't help feeling that they wouldn't have been drawn into focus otherwise. It sucks that you feel the need to leave, and I'm real sorry to see you go.

Just don't chalk this up to being too sensitive; you're actually being self-protective, which is a great sense to have, to listen to and, most importantly, to act upon. Big respect.

Be safe, take care and, with no pressure, I hope to see you posting again someday soon.

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@Kidfried Hopefully we see you posting again sooner rather than later. But honestly, you’re probably on the right track taking a little break. It all got a bit heated for my liking.

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@Kidfried Someone blocked you, eh?

Well, do what you need to do to get in the right head space. We'll talk when you come back.

Until then, take care!


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@Kidfried You'll be missed, but it's understandable why you'd want to take some time off. Take care, until we meet again! Cheers! 😎

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@Kidfried I understand. Since they gave users the power to block other users it seems like the community is fracturing and you are getting cliques now like it's high school or something. I don't think the staff thought giving users the ability to block others through. I have been blocked by other users for no reason on NL and it just makes following conversations annoying. Even forum games are annoying now cause especially ones that require you to post a response to the one before you. If it's someone blocked then it just makes a mess of things. Look at Nintendolife's Video Game Character Alphabet thread and you will see what you mean.

I get it they are short on mods or whatever but giving that ability to users is just not a well thought out idea and I hope they get rid of it soon.

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All the best mate, hope to see you again.
You have to do what's best for you and your mental health, I totally respect that.



I've been here on and off quite a while(Original User name was WaveBoy, then Wavey84), since pretty much the beginning when Nintendo Life(PushSquare aside) was titled VC-Reviews. But it seems like over 95% of the users i remember from 10+ years ago are long gone. a few or so I've seen post in the articles, but that's about it. It just isn't the same. I really enjoyed coming to this site when i was around 24-27, when the Wii & DS were all the rage. Retro Forum was fantastic too. I felt like there was a lot more excitement, silliness and passion back then.

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@NeonPizza It's a shame but yeah, times change. The more popular things become, the more seriously people seem to take 'em. I certainly haven't been a member as long as you have, but even I've noticed a subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) shift since I joined.

Gaming is our hobby. It's meant to be fun, so it tracks that sharing the experience should also be fun.

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@Kidfried Sorry to see you go, I’ve really enjoyed your contributions since I joined even if I haven’t directly replied or engaged, hopefully you’ll be back soon. Energy of life will ebb and flow and you just have to flow with it. See you around 👍

On hiatus. Back soon 👍

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@Ralizah Yea, LtSarge blocked me. And when people are so prominently active on the site block you, it makes following conversations a drag. Right now I've merely been annoyed by it, but I know that annoyance will build up for me over time.

The block feature is a terrible feature in small knit communities like this, in which we should accept our differences instead of trying to ignore each other's existence. I refuse to feel like an outcast, so I'd rather leave.

I'll try and find a better community.



@Ralizah he blocked a load of us… ‘basically’ because we didn’t subscribe to Gamepass smh.

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@Kidfried I'll be sorry to see you go but you got to do what's best for yourself. Take care and hopefully catch you in a game club thread or something soon 👍

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@Kidfried Sorry to hear that. The block feature is interesting, because I've talked to a few people about it on here and NL, and have encountered differing viewpoints on it. I def. understand the problem it's trying to address, but I also struggle with the way it gives me the ability to fracture another person's user experience. While it's imperfect, I feel like the ignore function accomplishes 90% of what the block function does, but without harming the user experience of others.

I won't tell you how you should feel or ask you to stay, but it will be a shame to see you leave. Definitely consider returning at some point if you don't find another community that feels right for you, though, as you'll always have folks here who welcome hearing your perspective.


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