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@ralphdibny Nah the work one is fairly cheapish as only a few of us use it but we get fresh coffee delivered every week.

Filter coffee is a lot nicer than instant but I'm too cheap to pay for barista like setups. There is too much cleaning and tidying and work involved! So yep, I am all about middle of the road!

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@Rudy_Manchego haha nice, yeah I kind of think of instant as a different drink entirely. I'll never consider it if I want an actual coffee but very occasionally I might fancy a sweet coffee flavoured drink which is where instant coffee and a boatload of sugar come in to play, bit like a hot chocolate I guess but a erm, "hot coffee" 😂. I don't put sugar into my coffee or tea normally



@RogerRoger Well, my first thought is that I love this game. It took me around 20 hours to complete Dubai (all challenges) and it felt like I was "at home" again. There's not much to review per se. It's a continuation of 1 + 2 so there's practically nothing different, and the camera gadget is only a minor addition. Shortcuts are a nice thought, but I haven't found myself needing to utilise them yet, even on Master + Suit Only + Silent Assassin runs. It looks great on the PS5. Hopefully Project 007 is a true next gen affair, but for this game I'm not complaining.

They've gone back to nonsense accents, namely just British and American. I didn't like that about the first game. Yes, Hitman can be described as an absurdist game, and there's a lot of things that require you to suspend disbelief, but I don't think not having accurate accents should be one of them. To me it's just lazy development. There's a lot of talented voice over artists who aren't just white British/American, and while I disagree with this to an extent... IOI could have at least told them to put on an accent. It's just a bit jarring and disappointing in an otherwise fantastic game. Visually it's great (even though animation is a little stale now though, and the cinematics are odd), and gameplay is some of the most enjoyable and fun in anything I've ever played (although it's not perfect: headshots don't seem to work very well if the target isn't facing you, and other oddities). With this last entry, The Hitman: The World Of Assassination trilogy has been solidified as my favorite gaming series.

HOWEVER... I'm on level 2: Dartmoor... three of the exits won't unlock, and I refuse to carry on. So the one game I've been looking forward to for a long time... is broken. Great. EDIT: I created a contract to unlock two of them, but one is definitely bugged.

@ralphdibny Those are far too big lol. The tea would get cold by the time you reach the bottom.

Do you watch any of James Hoffmann's stuff?

@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy Thank you for your kindness I'm sorry I deleted my last post. I felt a little uncomfortable after the fact. While I'm a very candid person and I had absolutely no issue in confiding and revealing all to you lot, in the back of my mind I was very aware that this is still an open forum.

I had to speak to my ex-wife yesterday... so... I'm a little broken today. I've been trying to occupy my mind as much as possible. I've had Alan Partridge: From The Oast House podcast on all day, and it's helped a lot. But now I've discovered that Hitman 3 may also be broken... so that's fantastic. Something so small doesn't normally affect me, and I just move on to another game for a while. But I found myself on the verge of tears. I really did need for it to be my escape.

Haha. What mates? It's just me and my cat. She's a good listener though.

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@TheIdleCritic haha yeah tea does get cold in it actually because its not easy to drink a large amount of tea as quickly. Coffee is good at all temperatures though, maybe theres a small range of temperature between chilled and lukewarm that's a bit icky. Either way it's easy to drink a lot more coffee in one go in comparison to tea.

Nah hadn't heard of James Hoffman, I looked him up though, I see he is a coffee entrepreneur or something



@TheIdleCritic Oof. Sorry to hear about the teething problems with Hitman 3. I don't recall too many of them in previous games, and IO are pretty good at addressing issues in a timely manner, so fingers crossed you won't have long to wait. Glad you managed to get some exits unlocked, at any rate! I hope you'll continue to share your thoughts as you progress, or maybe even write a full review?

Here's hoping IO take a fresh approach to voiceovers for Project 007. Bond is nothing without a wide variety of questionable, nondescript Eastern European accents.

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I will leave from PushSquare as i don't find any interest to deal with majority users here.
I felt cold shoulder treatment from them. 😑
Fine, i will not return to this website.
I will focus on Nintendolife since i have some users who want to have nice conversations with me.

Sorry if i have to leave from PushSquare. 😣
I still keep hanging around Nintendolife.
You can find me over there.
I think you are the only one here who still want to have nice conversation here. ☺
See you at Nintendolife. 😉

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@Anti-Matter Sorry to see you go. You represent an oft-overlooked side of gaming most people would never think to discuss, so we'll be a lesser forum without you. I doubt I'll ever venture over to NintendoLife but I appreciate the invitation all the same; if I ever do cross over, I'll say hey.

And you're not alone in being ignored by certain users, by the way. It's a shame, but it happens. I think your perseverance (especially in a foreign language) has been admirable.

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@Gadjo Sad to see you go. Even though we never interacted directly, I found your posts thoughtful and fascinating.

Two things:

  • What do you have against Dontnod?
  • You can afford to pretend anything. It's what gaming's about.



@Gadjo Realisations are only achieved through experience. It's a shame you feel the forum isn't for you, but at least you gave it a shot. Too much life is wasted on wondering.

Just know that nobody has any more or less business being here than you do.

Best of luck to you, and stay safe!

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@Kidfried Fank u 4 sayin me word gud.

It's all a smokescreen to hide supreme mediocrity, believe me!

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@Gadjo Only if they help, which I hope they do.

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I'll be taking a break from Push Square for a bit.

Probably around two weeks or so but who knows... Maybe it might extend a bit longer beyond that. Regardless I'll be back at some point so you lot unfortunately haven't seen the last of me you poor sods.

Cheerio! Take care everyone, Stay safe and have a good time with things hopefully becoming a bit more normal once again. 😊

-EDIT- I didn't even realise I've been on PushSquare for just over 2 years now! Man that feels weird. The past year has felt like it's been ten with how it's dragged at times and yet I can remember joining up to P S like it was only yesterday...

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@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy Take care, Foxy! We'll be here when you get back.

And yeah, 2020 absolutely destroyed all sense of time for me. Let's not do that again any time soon.

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Take it easy @Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy, hopefully this place will still be standing without your presence.

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@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy Hey, I don't blame you. I haven't received my PUSH□ cheque yet either. 😉 Relax, kick back and have a margarita or two. Summer is coming.



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