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My son (8) has a childs youtube account which i'm an authorizer on. I Linked his YouTube account on his PS5 profile - and it came through to me for authorization which I granted. However whenever he tries to broadcast he just gets the error below constantly:

Can't broadcast
AccessForbidden. The request may not be properly authorized

Is this a generic issue for Youtube or is it because of his age? I know it can take over 24 hrs for authorization but it's been like this for 5 days now.

Any pointers are gladly welcome. As a test I tried with Twitch linked to my account there and it broadcasts fine so it's not an issue PS5 side.



@Tasuki yeh trying to speak to anyone at YouTube seems nigh on impossible. I created a question in their support boards which got closed off as a duplicate and linked to something that wasn't even relevant. If you have any links for contacts that I've overlooked please share. I suspect it's because it's a child's account but it was properly authorised by me in the Google family manager. Have even unlinked on the ps5 and repeated the process but we still had the same issue.



@scg1889 Maybe try reaching out to YouTube on social media, Twitter, Facebook etc. I seem to have more success that way when trying to reach a company.

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