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Does anyone else think that texture pop-in and rendering glitches (e.g. trees/bushes/rocks appearing out of nowhere and poorly timed lighting flickering) is worse on the PS5 than it was on the PS4?

I have had a PS5 since release, and can honestly say I've noticed more pop-in/rendering glitches in the past few months than I did in the 6 years I had my PS4. The problems are especially bad on the PS5 version of WRC 9, and have also been noticed on the PS5 versions of DiRT 5 and CoD Cold War. Also, I'm noticing more rendering issues on PS4 games when played on the PS5, when compared to playing them on the PS4.

Am I going crazy?? I Find it strange that I've never really noticed these issues on older consoles, and now can't stop seeing them



I'm playing PS5 disc version of Valhalla and there's pop-in in the distance but it's mainly due to the game engine has been made to run on last gen systems. We should see an improvement on games made just for current gen consoles/PC's hardware with instant gaming assets speeds from the SSD's.


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