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Hi there,

Sorry I'm new to the whole forum thing so sorry if I've done something incorrectly and haply to learn.

Onto the issue at hand, I preordered my Ps5 and received it on the UK release date in November.

I didn't actually purchase a PS5 game with the console to start with and planned to play through some of the free ps4 games offered via the backwards compatibility. So far I have played; God of War, Fallout 4, Until Dawn, Cyberpunk 2077, Borderlands 3 (ps4 version so I my wife can use the PS4 controller in splitscreen) and Divinity Original Sin 2.

With all of these games I have had the same issue of crashing while playing. The crash itself goes in a cycle; first it'll play fine, then it'll soft crash, if I don't reboot, it'll crash again within 15 minutes, if I do reboot, I'll probably get another hour before it either soft crashes or hard crashes. If it hard crashes I have to turn the Ps5 back on and the SSD will restore itself and I'll be back to the first scenario.

I know people had issues to start with but I haven't seen anything reported since November and I wanted to see if this is just my PS5 or if others have had the same issue.

I have played some PS5 games and they work much better though I have had one soft crash on Miles Morales.

Anyone else having this issue still or have the latest updates fixed it for you?



I am having the same problem with my PS5 but it is only with one game, warzone. It always crashes about 7 times per day. I don’t know if this still happens to you, but it does to me.



I haven't had any problems with the few ps4 games I've tried out (tlou 2, death stranding, resi evil 3, resogun, arkham knight, Crash Bandicoot nsane trilogy). I guess it's just the luck of the draw with these things.



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