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After six weeks of constant twitter alerts the PS5 for my son is finally scheduled to be delivered today. He didn't have a PS4 so there are a ton of games out there for him to discover. Spider-Man MM came in the bundle and we also have PSNow and will be getting PSPlus. I'm thinking of subscribing to EA Play to get him a few sports games and he also likes Star Wars so between Fallen Order and Battlefront 1 and 2 it seems like it is a great deal for only $30 for a year. I had a couple of questions and was hoping somebody can help me out.

1) With all three services I'm guessing there will be far too many games to keep them all on the system at the same time. If he downloads a game and plays it and then deletes it to make room for something else is the save game data stored and if so is it stored on the system or in the cloud?

2) If we subscribe to EA Play for the PS5 can the same account also play games on Steam?

3) Any reason I shouldn't get EA Play?

Thanks a lot!



@ks-man 1) Saves are on the console and backed up to the cloud only if you have PS Plus. Even if you delete a game, the saves will still be in the console.

2) No. You can play certain games on your PC with PS Now but this is not connected to Steam or any of the other stores on PC. You can get EA Play on PC but you need to pay for a separate sub to access that.

3) Only if you think your son will not use it a lot to warrant the 30 quid sub, but it already sounds like he will.

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