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So Vib Ribbon isn't on PS4, yes, but I don't give a hoot about it. Just when is it going to be released on the PS4? Yes, I have a PS2, but I don't know it went. And, yes, all of this is written on a PS4 itself.

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@KoolKidz112 Well Vib-Ribbon was a PS 1 game and since we have yet to see any PS One games come to PS4 I will say not anytime soon. Also can the PS4 read CDS yet? I know awhile ago I tried to play a music CD in my PS4 and it wouldn't read it. Then I found out that PS4 can't even play CDs.

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It may be available on the Japan store, but I'm still unclear if the EU and JP versions run at different Hz or what. It is definitely on the US store, but only for PSP, Vita and more importantly, Vita TV (big-screen-bunny!).


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