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Hey, my stepmom pre-ordered New Gundam Breaker for PS4 just two days ago. So I will get it in the 25th of June, depending if Amazon or Gamestop gets it in early.

I heard about the Gundam Breaker series and how they never reached the west until now. I seen gameplay trailers of it on Youtube and it looks fun, though the part switching on the fly could take a bit getting used to.

But when I search New Gundam Breaker on Google, some Gundam Breaker fans say they are not happy with NGB and feel like it's a stab in the back. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with New Gundam Breaker though it's okay to respect others' opinions about this.

I wanted to try the Gundam Breaker series to build my own Gunpla. So anyone else getting New Gundam Breaker either at launch, before or after launch or after they patch it?

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