Topic: Anyone has PS4 pro controller fault?

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Faults with my PS4 pro controller:

It will automatically switched off even on a full charge or connected to the USB cable.
The left analog stick will randomly become unresponsive for a few seconds and then again work.

Anyone knows the reason behind all these faults.

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In the quick settings menu there's an option to turn the controllers off after a certain amount of time (10 minutes, 20 mins etc), perhaps that's on?

Other than that it just sounds faulty unfortunately. Maybe give it a google search to see if anyone else has had that problem anywhere.



My left thumbstick struggled to 'click to run' and the same problem as affected the 3-4 previous DS4 controllers I have had. They 'drop' a mm or so and that affects the click to run - you can 'gently' pull them back up again and they work perfectly - until you click to run again and it drops again...

Only thing I can think of to fix it, is take it apart and drop something tiny into the hole that the switch goes into on the thumbstick so it can't drop everytime you press it or buy a new one. If I was confident to dismantle mine, I could have a lot of working DS4's...

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