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I just purchased a second hand first gen PS3 from someone. Despite of its heavy weight, it is beautiful to look at. I think it is the best looking console ever made. In addition, you can play PS2 disks on it directly. Which PS3 is your favorite?



My PS3 is Slim White 320 GB model.
Can only play PS3 and PS1 games in disc though the PS1 games region must be same with the machine.
Mine is Asia version (Region 3) so only can play NTSC-J PS1 games.
One thing i noticed, playing Rhythm PS1 games such as DDR on PS3 wasn't the right way to play as the song and arrows was very off sync due to different emulation process.

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I honestly think the second model, the PS3 Slim, is the best one. The first model had some issues like YLOD and was incredibly huge and bulky. Although it did have PS2 backwards compatibility, but considering that a lot of PS2 games got HD remasters on PS3 and that you could buy PS2 games on the PS Store, that aspect doesn't matter much to me. The latest model, PS3 Super Slim, was smaller but it had a top loader instead of a built-in disc drive like with the original and Slim models, which was not only more inconvenient, it would also wear down the disc reader much faster since it became more exposed to dust and dirt.

I think PS3 Slim is the best of both worlds; it's smaller but still has a built-in disc drive.



I currently have a Super-Slim, but I've had an original and a Slim before.

Honestly, I think the Slim was my favourite as well, although things with an automated disc drive always make me nervous (since my original PS3 was halfway through eating a disc when it broke). It felt quality and substantial, unlike the Super Slim which is, admittedly, kinda cheap... but then it has the biggest HDD and I hated running out of space, so each model has benefits and downsides.

The backwards compatibility with PS2 discs would've been nice to maintain from some of the original models, and the build quality would've been nice to maintain from the Slim.

But hey, as long as I can play my PS3 games without any major issues, I'm happy with whatever!

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My PS3’s the big thicc boy that plays PS2 discs. Somewhat ironic that my dad bought it almost immediately after walking out but hey, I own it now and I do love the backwards compatibility!

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I service my big PS3 after I bought it. Cleaning up everything and it is running quite cool. What I like about the fat PS3 is how professional it looks when it is standing up. The slim and super slim can't really use it in that orientation. Even the new PS5 doesn't look quite as good. It is a nice addition to the living room.



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