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I'm new here, i have bought a PS3 one month ago, and already flashed the custom firmware 4.89 and also installed HEN, Webman, multiman


When i copy my backup game to the HDD, with Multiman to the games folder on the dev_hdd0 drive.
After that i installed the game with also multiman, and the games starts to install and after that, i can play the game from the HDD.

But... when i switch off my PS3, and start again, and want to play the game again, the game starts to install completely again, and after that i can play it again

This happens every time when i switch of and turn on de PS3 again

Whats wrong ?



@Ritchie72 Hey there! I'd recommend finding a forum that focuses more specifically on modded consoles so you are able to find the help you need, as this isn't really the best place for it. Thanks



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