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Hi! I'm buying a PSVR tomorrow and want to understand how I need to configure my set-up. Right now I have a Turtle Beach Elite 800. I was told that I need to physically wire my headset into the PSVR to get 3D sound. Is this correct?

Will any old aux chord transfer the 3D sound, or do I need a special aux cable of some sort?

Also, how will I need to set up my system? I remember that there were several options I had to change to hook up my Elite 800's initially. Do I need to undo these changes to work with the PSVR?
Lastly, how about if I want to use my headphones normally, without the PSVR? Am I simply able to leave both connected to the PS4 and start using one without reconfiguring the other?

I expect to use my PSVR a fair bit (at least initially), but also play online games with friends that require using ym headset to chat with them. Am I able to get my system to accommodate both play-styles without making any changes each time?

Thanks so much! I'm slowly learning all of the tech. stuff required for what I'm asking, so I appreciate the patience!! :]



You need to connect your headphones to the cable that's part of the PlayStation VR headset using a 3.5mm jack. I just looked up a review and it says these headphones can output to 3.5mm, so you should be good to go with 3D audio.

This is what you'll need to plug your headphones into:


As for disconnecting and re-connecting, sounds like you might potentially have to swap the cable depending on what you're doing.

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Awesome, that's very helpful!! 😀

Does anyone else who's reading this own both and can just confirm with me how they set them up? :]



Likewise. 😀 Thanks again for your help!



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