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Hello weeks ago I posted a simple question about my move controllers. One never seems to stay calibrated correctly and makes playing move games terrible.

I was seeking assistance but this forum appears to suck.

So thanks for nothing!

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You're welcome!



1. You only posted it on Sunday, not weeks ago. This is not a technical help form, people have lives and sometimes don't have time to sort out other peoples hardware issues. Plus not too many people on here have PS4 VR.

2. Maybe not the best way to get in with the community and getting help by saying it sucks.

3. If it was that simple, surely you could search the internet for a solution?

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@ofieldsteve Thanks for your opinion. Unfortunately not everyone here is going to know everything, that's just a fact but coming here and saying that this forums is terrible because no one doesn't know an answer to an obscure question doesn't mean it's a bad place sadly that just may happen is that no one knows the answer.

If you are unable to find an answer here might I suggest contacting Sony with your problem?

With that said If anyone has any suggestions for you they will post in your original thread here

Hopefully if you can't find your answer here you will be able to find it elseware on the internet.

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thing is this isn't a tech forum, all we are a fans of gaming so most if us just wont know what's causing your particular issue i'm afraid, that doesn't mean the forums are bad or that the people are not to mention sometimes topics can get lost especially if there are several active topics all updating at once

no one here would have purposely ignored your question so perhaps you should be a little nicer especially to the people your asking for help

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@ofieldsteve I think you must have broken your move controllers. Have you tried switching them off and putting them on again?

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Harsh, but excellent thread title to be fair. Catches the eye brilliantly

Good job, Parappa. You can go on to the next stage now.

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@Gremio108 It's true about the title! I clicked just to see what it was about. Too bad I can't help out at all.



Lol. It's amazing how quick everyone has responded to this post versus a regular post.

Just saying......



@ofieldsteve I don't have a set of PS Move controllers, but I do have a great sense of humour, what else did you expect?



You gotta admit though — What we lack in technical know-how, we make up for in comedy relief.

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You've even got Tasuki swearing!



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