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There was an update not too long ago which broke the PSN storefront for PSVR.
When you go to the category for PSVR, they have removed the "What's new" and "Made for PSVR" and "PSVR Mode Included". All you see is a few games in tiles - nothing more. If you're a developer releasing a new game - nobody could find your product.

Now you can go to show ALL games and pick a filter for PSVR game type. This de-lists a small number of VR games and all games which have a PSVR mode. For example, Vader Immortal (a PSVR only game) does not show. On games that have VR mode included like Resident Evil 7, Here they Lie, Hitman 3, No Mans Sky, Gran Turismo Star Wars Squadrons, and all the other are not found with this filter. I believe this is common across all store regions.

Just another demonstration of how badly Sony can destroy their online storefronts. But this is an amazing screwup on their part. I think it would make a great story for the site here. Whether you play PSVR or not - it does demonstrate how badly Sony is handling their digital stores.

...perhaps they're trying to make a storefront as badly programmed as the Nintendo eShop on the Switch?

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