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I'm wanting to buy compatible VR but, I don't really want to pay the price of the normal PlayStation VR headset so I'm looking for a cheap headset that is compatible with PlayStation 4 and also wondering if you can play a VR game with 1 controller.

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I believe you have to buy the PSVR to use VR on the PS4 as far as I know I don't think any others will work.

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I'm afraid that you can only use PSVR Software using the Sony PSVR headset.

Cheaper headsets tend to rely on mobile phones etc. but VR games on Playstation will look for a PSVR to be plugged in.

For controllers, I believe all games are compatible with a Dual Shock 4 however, some games do really work better with the controls they were designed for (so Move or Aim controller).

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Only the PSVR will work on the PS4. However, the PSVR does work on PC.

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Thx everyone for you feed back but, would​ any of you know we're the cheapest PSVR headset could be found.



@ryanvillinger243 I dont but dont forget there are 2 types of psvr. The old one and new one. Father Christmas managed to find me an old one with gt sport packed in with vr worlds for about £300. Dont worry about the move controllers to start (unless you already have them) as vr worlds and a bunch of games function fine with the ds4. If you get right into it, you can then buy accessories. If you can grab one for £250 with vr worlds I would say do it. It really will be the future its too good. Top tip: buy statik.

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