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It was a brilliant podcast, really good fun, I miss it too, in fact it was the only one I listened to. Good times!
Maybe someone could run a pushsquare community podcast? Could be a fun experiment.



@LieutenantFatman @Kidfried Appreciate the kind words guys. It’s as @Quintumply said, Ben and I are pretty tied up with our own stuff. Ben works super hard with Vidiots (which I think means doing this kind of stuff would count as a conflict of interest) and I’m currently studying game development while working in game PR over the summer months (adding its own conflict issues anyway!), so we’re both very busy.

We both loved doing the ‘cast and many a beer was had to discuss it’s dissolution, we didn’t just throw in the towel without a lot of debate. They’re pretty involved and recording is just one aspect of the whole process.

I for one loved the little community we made and the platform we had and I’m glad you guys miss it too! It’s highly unlikely it’ll be a Ben & Ben affair ever again but there’s always the chance if the right folks come along and want to give it a crack! If that happens I’ll be sure to insist I come on as a guess to decry Uncharted and gush about Hyper Light Drifter x


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@Kidfried I really enjoyed it too but podcasts are a lot of work. If you miss Mr. Potter, you can check out his new endeavours on his Vidiots Youtube channel. It is worth a view, there is some really good stuff on it.

@LieutenantFatman That sounds quite fun actually. I started running my own podcast for fun with a friend so have most of the gear. If anyone has any ideas I'd be up for helping.

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Wait, Ben Potter of Vidiots used to be on here? Me and a mate in work have been talking about that this week. Always used to like it when he was on What Culture. Keep meaning to subscribe to Vidiots, this has reminded me to do so.

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